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Validating Member Checker


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Recently I decided that I wanted to add a simple feature to my ACP Member area. It simply adds another collumn in the member view area that says "Safe" or "Not Safe" in terms f "Is this person a spammer?". I have a simple API set up between my server and stopforumspam.com's that returns Yes or No.

While there is the spam service on here, occasionally users get though, or something goes wrong with the key, etc, and I want a quick way to check.

I was just seeing what people though of this simple idea.

Heres a Picture.

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One of my admins manually checks every new member with this site and another one so we would definitely be interested in a hook / mod that did this automatically. We find doing this and using the MUDD (multiple member warning system) plus the spam monitoring service means we don't get spammed any more. It's too difficult for spammers and they move on to easier targets.


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Many people get stopped pretty quickly, but even so it would still be nice to have a second system. You never know if a member wasn't a spammer when he joined, then decided to start or something.

If you want to install this, I can send over the stuff I used to implement it.

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