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Suggestion: Nudge Feature


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Lots of cool new features have been proposed for 3.1.......and many of them seem to revolve around Facebook or socializing. What about if we had a "Nudge" feature on the forums? It would work like the Poke feature of Facebook.....where you could nudge a member to come back to the forums. It would be on each members individual profile, and members could click the nudge button.....and it would send them an email stating that "Member X" nudged them. Of course there would be settings that the user could use to disable this feature, and we should be able to set permissions per usergroup also.

Maybe it could even work like Super Poke, where we could set actions that could be performed between members. I run a video game website, and I could set up actions that relate to video games. Something like "Member1 threw a 1UP at Member2". In the back end we could have it set up to only remember the last X days worth of actions. Somewhat like how the Shoutbox auto prunes itself. New actions could be opened depending on how many posts a member has, or what usergroup they belong to.

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was actually talking about something like this to my g/f for our Forums just the other night lol... Said to her "Wouldn't it be fun if we had a "poke" feature on the forum?" She said, "Yeah, that would be a good way to get them to come back and visit, cause they would get a message saying they got "poked" "

So having some kind of Mod or an addition "like" the FB Poke, would be fun! So I give it a +1 :D

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