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  1. And that falls into the category of personal preference. The platform allows you to adjust that to your preferences.
  2. The "tools" are mostly SHELL scripts. You don't usually need to upload them as they are intended for power users. If you read the code, they will tell you what they do.
  3. You can already import iCalendar files/feeds.
  4. Have the ability to sort the calendar view by category type, search by category, being able to subscribe to a category to be notified when an event is posted in that category. All while being able to see all the events in all the categories in one place too.
  5. Um, because the default minimum for MySQL full-text search was set to four characters for years. When Version 5.6.4 was released (I believe) it was changed to 3 characters. They are still supporting MySQL 4 (suggesting MySQL 5 though) for the 3.x series hence the four character limit out of the box.
  6. I use the Follow system to essentially do this.
  7. Hopefully when you move to that, you will have package dates so we know when you repackage minor fixes after the main release.
  8. I do have the problem. I about every 5 clicks I get a time out.
  9. Let me spell this out in really simple terms. Www.invisionpower.com has one IP number (**.**.**.**2), which is the same as for invisionpower.com, via cname, but the reverse is corp01.lw.ipslink.com. Community.invisionpower.com has one IP number (**.**.**.**7), but the reverse is community.lw.ipslink.com. Notice that the redacted IP addresses end in different numbers and their reverse is a different host name. That second IP the one is under attack and they are filtering traffic which causes this domain to time out. Untill the attack stops, or they white list your IP Address (if they are even whitelisting), if you move around this site too fast the mitigation rules are going to drop your connection.
  10. It is on a different server than the client center and main website.
  11. What... your using a ping scanner against a site that is mitigating a DDoS. That is a brilliant Idea. /scarcasm
  12. ACP Social Media ans Sharing settings in the twitter connect area.
  13. It is just pictures so no need... well unless you choose to have advertisements in your keyCaptcha..
  14. I guess you could since the quote box in linking back to my post so we all know your replying directly to that post.
  15. Not real sure why you are showing me that. I have already seen the images in the post I am quoting, Why should I re-post them again if I and everyone else reading the thread have already seen them?
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