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"Board Guidelines" and "Registration Terms & Rules"


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First, I think that "Login Page Information" and "Registration Form Info" should be language bits, not in the settings. If someone chooses to view a different language, then if they don't understand the language it's typed in, it won't do them any good as a setting -vs- a language bit.

Next, whenever the guidelines or Terms & Rules are changed, would be nice to have a copy of what it used to be. Basically, a log of changes along with the dates/times of the changes (much like a wiki).

Then anytime that either are changed, be able to require members to agree to the updates before continuing to use the site/board. Keep a log of each date/time (and IP address) that a member views the guidelines/terms&rules and whether or not they agreed to the updates, so that the history can be back referenced to the actual changes made.

For times when it's not required, but instead just set as a notification, have a banner that displays on each page that lets the member know that they need to read and agree to the new (guidelines/terms & rules). I'm thinking like the banner that IPS is using to get members attention for the resources on the main index page.

Then that way.. As changes are made and members agree to the changes, if someone tries to declare that they never agreed to something, a look back at their history of agreements could be used. Also, people wouldn't be able to claim that they didn't know changes had been made.

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