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"Who's Chatting" Hook not displaying


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(I originally posted this in the wrong forum, so reposting here).

When I initially installed the IP.Chat module, I disabled the "Who is Chatting?" hook because it wasn't displayed properly in my various and sundry skins. This has since been remedied (such as by the recent release of the Community Skins) and I wanted to re-enable this hook. Upon doing so, the hook is not appearing in my "Board Statistics" box as it does on this forum. I do have the two-related template bits in my skins, I did rebuild all the caches and even restarted my web server in case XCache was caching the PHP files. The "ShowActive" statement is in my BoardIndex template bit.

I am running 3.0.5 (which I upgraded to a week ago) and the release version of IP.Chat. The "Who's Chatting" hook claims to be version 1.0.0.

Any suggestions before I format my server's drive?



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