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I know we have discussed this search issue a lot, but I continue to get a lot of complains - like this one I got today:

To summarize the main problems with the default search form are:

1. No option to return threads, rather than posts, as results.

2. Default search for multiple words is logical "or" rather than "and"

The combination of these two issues makes the search pretty useless - especially for those of us coming from Vbulletin, that by comparison, has a much more usable default search.

I have seen a few unofficial and vague comments about some changes coming - but the more specific replies to these issues from IPS staff have been along the lines of "we like it that way" or "thats just how mysql works and we can't do anything about it" (which is nonsense of course because vbulletin does it just fine with mysql).

So - this is an ongoing pain in my ass. IPS - for the most part I love you guys and I love the product, but as far as search goes - here's my temp solution:


The search tool seems to include all hits for all words. When I searched for "fluorescent light current draw" I got hits for any article with any of the four words. Does the search tool have more capability?

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I know what you mean. Coming from vb I found it nasty until I got used to it. Someone also mentioned the search from a parent category not working either (you have to select each forum in advanced tab)

Try this though, for some different results.

"fluorescent light current draw" with the quotes
instead of just
fluorescent light current draw

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