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Download: Halloween - Classic Dark skin - for 3.1.2


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File Name: Halloween - Classic Dark skin - for 3.1.2
File Submitter: skinbydragonfly
File Submitted: 14 Oct 2009
File Updated: 15 Oct 2010
File Category: Seasonal Skins

Halloween - Classic Dark skin

Woooooooo ... Halloween The spoookiest time of the year comes creeping around again, and this year at Skin by Dragonfly, our Classic and Best Seller Halloween skin has been rebuilting into the 3.1.2 version of IPB, and had a revamp along the way to keep it fresh and fun!!! With new styling, and some fun little spooky surprises!, Halloween is just perfect to get your members in a spppoooky koooky great Halloween mood, and keep the Ebil spirits away from your forum for another year!!!!!

Halloween - Classic Dark now comes complete with the following IPS components already skinned for you...

* Downloads * Gallery * Shoutbox * Links * Subscriptions * Tracker

The skin pack also ships with Adobe Photoshop PSD files for the Logo, as well to allow you to create matching Avatars and Team Icons, so you can complete the Halloween picture!

We know your members will love this one! From everyone at SbyD......

Click here to download this file


* Blogs

Halloween Dark can be purchased from our online Store.

Happy Halloween!!!

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