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[REQ] - Disabling 'voting' in closed topics


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It seems to me that heated/contentious topics can often cause flaming/trolling and excessive use of positive and negative reputation. A single topic could skew reputation values for certain members.

Good moderators often close topics that are overly inhabited by flaming/trolling posts. Much better that than hide them completely. What I am thinking is that it would be good if, once a topic has been closed, that it should be no longer possible to add/subtract reputation from posts in that topic.

Similarly for topics with polls. Once closed, no more voting.

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Polls I can agree with, but I disagree about reputation. Even if a topic is closed, a post may have a high value (or low value) that I may want to issue my reputation vote for. For instance, what if the second post provided an in depth explanation on how to do something, but some later posts derailed the topic and caused it to get closed. I don't see why the poster who took the time to explain something in detail couldn't still get reputation for their post.

Similarly, the person/people who derailed the topic should get lowered if appropriate.

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