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Suggestion - Necobump feature


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  • 7 months later...

Would still like some way to combat users randomly bumping old posts.
Sometimes the reply's have merit sometimes they don't.
So I'll bump this to see if there is anyone else that has some interest in this and post some different ideas I think may help this if added.

In a 3.1.0 feature suggestion topic I added:
Other users, not paying attention to the original date then comment. In the ACP there would be a setting where you define the amount of time to pass before this shows up 30, 60, 90days etc. Then in the thread, when a new post is made after the time designated in the ACP, a message will show between the last post and the most recent one "Necro Bump! There have been XX days between previous and next post." necrobump.gif

Another idea would be to have an option that would flag any post after XX days and set it for moderation approval.
A moderator would then have to approve the post before it shows up.

Sometimes you have a user that likes to go back and comment on an old post.

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I don't see any problem with bumping when the content the user posts is relevant, but every now and then Ill have a user(troll) that will bump an old topic from 2-3 years ago with nonsense. Sometimes there will be quite a few more posts after this that don't contribute to the original post at all.

While the first suggestion I posted might be a little to much the second one, with the moderation approval seems reasonable.

Just something simple when a user posts and this feature is turned on. "Necro Bump is turned on. The post you have made is 200 days past the last reply, because of the length of time that has past this post has been placed under approval."

I believe if you can stop people from randomly bumping topics with junk it would save time in cleaning up posts and going through reports.

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I like your original idea and would love to see it implemented in a future version of IPB. Could even do it similar to the "Currently viewing all posts. Change threshold?" section.

I see this happen a lot on my forums and others when a member uses the search function in regards to finding a download link for their search query. They find a relevant topic, scan through it and when they don't find the link they post asking about it. Its usually then that the member notices that the previous post was made X months ago. Now this wont help the first person but everyone after will notice the notification caused by the previous users post.

Just my 2 cents.

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