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Download: Bouncy Global Radio Bar v1.1.0


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File Name: Bouncy Global Radio Bar v1.1.0
File Submitter: AnthonyKinson
File Submitted: 05 Jul 2009
File Updated: 17 Aug 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

Changes in v1.1.0

  • Removed tune-in links wrapper that caused broken layouts on small fixed width skins
  • page within a page bug fixed when "Force guests to login" was enabled. You can now force guests to login.
  • Auto stats updating for stream information now triggered by the dom, no more individual javascript triggers
  • All stats updating consolidated to one super function
  • Javascript only included once regardless of how many radio hooks you use per page
  • Stats pulsate when updated for better indication of change

Changes in v1.0.2
  • Auto Disables on license errors
  • Support for new licensing servers

Changes in v1.0.1
  • Fixed Issue with the PeriodicUpdater which caused Internet Explorer to give Connection Errors

About This Hook:
This hook adds a global radio bar under the tabs on all forum pages. This hook features RAJAX on Current DJ, Current Song, Current Genre and Current Listeners. The hook also comes with look and feel settings allowing you to show and hide eaither of the RAJAX information, or any of the 5 Listen options.

The hook also comes with with options to customise the bars online, offline and in error colours, meaning you can customise the colours to match the actual colour of your tabs lower border on custom skins.

This hook also includes the new self error reporting features which provides information on any errors that may occur with your radio.

  • AJAX Integration allowing for information updates without the refreshing of pages.
  • Provides Tune In Links for Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, iTunes and livestream using your own domain rather than your radio host.
  • Displays Current DJ, Current Song, Current Genre, Current Listeners and Max Listeners.

Tune In Links:
The tune in links have been re-built using the Radio Center app, meaning that you no longer have to use links provided to you by your radio host. this means when you pass on tune in links to people you can use http://mysite.com... instead of http://hostsite.com... this allows for complete branding of your radio, making it a complete part of your forum.


Click here to download this file
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I'm getting this database error when installing Bouncy Radio Center v10 on IPB 3.4

Welcome to the IP.Board application set up utility. 
This installation is in progress... 

The following errors have been found:


Duplicate column name 'is_dj'Click here to continue regardless

Can someone please help?


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