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    Hi, i don´t know how to enable pagination, i already put yes in "Add main topic pagination" option, but i can´t see it on portal page, am i doing something wrong? i have the latest version 1.4.1. thanks. edit: I reinstall the application and is working OK now. thanks.
  2. Pagination would be a great plus, thanks for this update.
  3. File Name: Halloween Cool Banners File Submitter: AnTraX_12 File Submitted: 05 Oct 2012 File Category: Logos and Banners Two banners alluding to Halloween, with full and customizable PSD format, also with all separated elements and shapes, so you can customize , edit or remove anything you want easily. - All fonts used included. - Installation guide included. Click here to download this file
  4. Simply great! thanks ibEmoney :thumbsup:
  5. Oh yes, I meant if I could put as a different language because i have english and spanish and I thought I could change it from the language part , i will add a spanish extra line below the default one. thanks DawPi.
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    thanks for the upgrade to 3.2 :)
  7. How to change this : You've exceeded the maximum number of pages views (5) you can open as a guest. To remove this message and become a member please register a free account or login. It will only take a few moments and you'll be able to view board normally. i search in Languages, but i cant find it.
  8. is this would be updated to ipb 3.2?
  9. thanks, i still use ipb 3.1 series, i will upgrade it when i change to 3.2, thanks a lot for your help.
  10. Yes, it hides IMG TAGS as well , need to fix that.
  11. Hi rsvyarth, i always getting this kind of error in my SQL error Logs I use IPB 3.1 Version, thanks in advance.
  12. Hi rsyvarth, i already mark "yes" in Hide Subforums option, and i´m still can see them on board index, am i doing something wrong? i´m using ipb 3.1.4 and the version of Social Groups for this. thanks.
  13. almost finished, i think http://dev.bouncyservers.co.uk/
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