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Download: Recipes (or Tutorials) System 2.0.4


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File Name: Recipes (or Tutorials) System 2.0.4
File Submitter: bfarber
File Submitted: 09 Dec 2005
File Category: Major Modifications

This modification will add a recipes system to your website, configurable in the ACP. It is skin and language independent, meaning you can completely customize this to your likings.

You must leave the copyright in tact to use this mod!

If you would like to use this as a Tutorials System, you can do the included edits under the Optional Components folder

Features of this mod:

  • Fully Integrated with Invision Power Board 2.0
  • Ability to add, edit and delete categories
  • Up to 1 subcat supported
  • Utilizes IPB's caching system to reduce queries run on each page
  • Skin and language independent, fully editable via ACP
  • All Admin actions logged
  • Ability to configure all permissions per-group
  • Ability to set system on and off
  • Uses IPB's built in image libraries for image size management
  • Ability to add, edit and delete recipes
  • Ingredients automatically set to a list
  • Ability to hide and unhide recipes (and to set recipes to require approval before going "live")
  • Ability to search recipes

Version 2.0.4 ONLY fixes the installer error.

Changes in Version 2.0.3
5/17/2005 @ 7:04 PM EST
1) Error produced when number of top submitters not set
2) Recommend to friend option integrated
3) Auto-generated post include recipe thumbnail option in ACP
4) Updated db prefixes to use board variable in installer in all instances
5) Included SEVERAL scripts from Domen Lombergar
6) On editing a recipe page the div title said "add a recipe"
7) Error pages weren't using proper lang, so blank errors were produced
8) Recipe now are not hidden everytime you edit it
9) Hide time is being set to 0 in SQL on submit
10) On recipes page, hidden by member showed as author
11) Ability to use built in comments AND auto-generated topic
12) Ability to set inline comments
13) If requiring moderator approval of new items, topic was not generated
14) Ability to show all recipes by a user, Topics optional instructions updated
15) Updated top submitters to link to their recipes with #14
16) Added Config option for sizes of random images
17) Changed cache to only update views on page view (saw 99 queries run on one page...)
18) Fixed issue where recipes title was being stripped at 12 characters

Follow the instructions in upgrade.txt to Upgrade

Click here to download this file
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