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Wasnt sure where else to put this for IPB's download section so here it goes sorry if in wrong section.......

Well for starters I think there should be a small TUT for those who wish to post their paid materials since its got different untold rules....like for instance if I edit my paid submission in any way it no longer shows up as paid and the dl button appears. I also did not know to actually ul my premium item until after I talked to staff.

Also I think the listing page is misleading. I look at my premium item I posted and see WOW 20 downloads! When I check my shop I see ZERO invoices...meaning no one actually bought it. Why would it count as a download when someone clicks "Visit Site" button?

Shouldnt that count as a view? I suppose it cant work that way because the system would obviously have no connection with mine to determine the difference between someone looking and someone buying.

Just my 2 cents...other then that I think the downloads section is good.

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This isn't really about IDM, so I'll move this topic.

Our submission guidelines explain that you need to upload the file. :)


We have no way to know if someone bought a product from you - it's counted as a download when someone clicks the link to go to your purchase page.

As for editing, I'm not sure why you're having trouble there. Will probably need to get with Andy and find out if there's a recurring issue somewhere.

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