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Ok..... We have this form that was a general topic for a certain area in the game we're a fan site of. We had to split this into four different groups and sort through the topics, moving them into the appropriate form. There are several things I noticed about this that I wish would change or be added:

1) The checkboxes need to be a little more pronounced. Having a blue vs red check isn't helping. A regular checkbox or a graphic that has an empty box vs checked box would be a little more obvious. Think about people who are color blind... I'm not color blind, but even I have a hard time when I'm glancing. I could change this on my own form, which I plan on doing, but it should be default as a lot of skinners just use the default graphic for this.

2) When moving topics or doing some sort of action on a bunch of topics, the new feature that keeps track of what you checked on previous pages in very useful, and I'm glad that feature exists now (as it had not before). Problem is I go to move it and I accidently hit the button, which the default option is "Close Topics". Since what I'm doing is tidius, it can be very irritating to have to go back and unlock those topics. I would suggest two things to alleviate this:

A) Have the drop down remember the last action. If I just moved a topic, have the default be move topics.

B) When you get to the move topics page either select the current form as default, or remember the last form you moved topics to. That way if you're moving topics to the same form, you don't have to select it every time. Or if it's close, you don't have to go very far to change it. For smaller forms it's not as bad, but when you have a ton of sub-topics generated over the years, it can be a pain sometimes.

3) Checking the boxes on the right can be a little annoying when you're looking at the topic titles on the left. Makes checking topics a bit cumbersome. I could move the checkboxes to the left, but when I want to get through topics quickly, I'd rather have some sort of shortcut. I know that in the past we've had key combinations, so something like Shift-Click on the topic title to check a topic would be cool.

Of course a neater thing would be to add key word search to the Mass Prune/Move tool.

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