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How to .cgi errors

Guest DawPi

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Im not sure what you mean , sorry :unsure:

I have the page leaned against the database. I would like to do in this book this way:
in order to after the occurrence of the error from SQL, this error signed up for the file for me. cgi

Yes how it is in IPB:)
Do you understand now?

Oh, Happy Birthday :thumbsup:

Thank You :) ^_^
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Its very simple PHP, it just uses the common file functions fopen(), fwrite(), and fclose(). They just set it up to put text inside it :-)

Heres a example i just came up with

$handle = fopen( 'path/to/file.cgi', 'w' /* means it allows fopen to write to that file, and if it doesnt exist, it creates it */ );

$content = 'whatever content needs to go inside the file';

fwrite( $handle, $content );

fclose( $handle );

That would produce a file called file.cgi in the correct folder (path/to) with the content 'whatever content needs to go inside the file'

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