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skin help please!

Guest lost_dom

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Ok, as you can see, the skin used at my 12 hour demo site is in a bit of a mess - http://a19178.ipsdemo.ipslink.com/index.php?

Im trying to create a skin to use on my new site (which I havent yet made)

Could someone tell me how to get all the top links in one bar like this site - http://pushingdaisies-tv.com/forums/index.php?
You cant really see what I mean because you need to be logged in, but I want the links "calender, members, help" etc on the same line as "control panel, my assistant, my friends" etc.
This is what i want it to look like http://i18.tinypic.com/54bv7gp.jpg
but it looks like this http://i16.tinypic.com/66kw0g4.jpg

This is a demo board, and Im not sure how long I have left to do this, so help is extremely appreciated.

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