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Board Address?

Guest MikeChristopher

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I know there used to be a section within general config to change the location of your board address.

Im confused as trying to link the old database to a new file set so as to upgrade the db. I have also checked through the db and the field isnt there. I have board name, website name and website address but not the other.

Has it been removed? How can I change my board location?


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Still, it is still considered as "support" as such, so IPSBeyond would be better...

Anyhow, as far as i am aware the board URL is stored during installation and cannot be edited via the ACP. Not sure if/why this has changed and/or if such a setting still exists somewhere.

In the meantime (at least until you get an official response) you can change this via the $INFO['board_url'] parameter in your conf_global.php file.

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I have submitted a ticket well over an hour ago

so was just wondering if anyone could answer my question here - Is kind of feedback as it is something they have removed over the versions and the location is being stored in a different place. I was just interested in the new location.

And they haven't replied back yet?! :o
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