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Forum Portal "Latest Topics" (permissions wrong)

Guest mrgtb

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OK, I've just been playing around with one of the modules that comes with the forum software as default. The "Latest Threads" module. That grabs thread titles only (not thread content), and displays them on your portal page.

Well here is what I just did, I just setup a forum board to not allow guests to view the content posted, but still be able to view the thread titles. Now keep in mind that the "Latest Topics" module only displays the "thread titles" only anyway and no content. Well, I just spotted that the module will now not even display thread title taken from that forum board now. When really based on permissions it should do. Because Guests are still allowed to view thread titles on that forum board.

The way that module should work is like this. If a forum board is setup to not let guests view neither thread titles, or thread content. They should be removed from that module and not displayed. But if guests are allowed to view thread titles only, but not content, they still should be displayed in that module. Because permission wise, that is totally correct.

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