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Help With Setting Domain To Default NameServers!

Guest NightFlurry

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Okies, So i love the quick customer support replies and such, But I've got my IPB installed and even my HTML/Website is all uploaded but Jason says the only thing left for me to do is to let my domain resolve properly.

Apparently i need to set my default nameservers to such and such. I won't name the servers incase their unique to me or something or its private. So, I've tried everything in my cPanel and my Client Center and i can't find anything on how to change the default name servers nor have i found anywhere where theres any options to.

If someone can guide me as to where or what i need to do then this would be greatly appreciatted.

I've submitted a report ticket but if Jason is to reply then by the looks of the timezone it could be during the middle early hours of the morning. And if i just need to set the default server names elswhere then i'd like it doing ASAP.



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When you signed up with your webhost, you would have been given details for your DNS (Domain Name Service) and where to go to enter these details. Normally this would already be the case and it's just a matter for you to wait for your domain to propagate around, which can take up to 48 hours.

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