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After Install Forum is in Offline Mode

Guest Katsuma

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I installed v2.2 and by the time I logged into the ACP to changed the "Invision Power Board" to the name of the site, a bot made a 20 link post to sex sites.

After looking around, I see "Test Forum" gave guest the ability to post. so this could be set to members or the board in offline mode.

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Personally I think we should take the PHPBB3 approach....

unless the install/index.php is deleted or renamed the forum is offine and the ACP displays a message. Also after a new install, by default the forum is offline that would be great. Another thing that was ignored after a fresh install:

Root Admin cannot evade the bad word list but Admin can? What is up with that, I think the group IDs got switched, because their are some other permission errors.

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