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  1. *Spy Detected*
    Hows it going?

  2. OpenID Login Module available for testing

    Will; I don't understand why you've stuck with your host when you always have some many problems :) Personally, I have cURL support on my server since I use software that requires it. However if a client wanted GMP or bcmath installed, I'd install it for them. I just don't see why your 'host' doesn't want to please it's customers.
  3. You're avatar scares me! :P

  4. Nexus and Dynamic Legacy

    I'd assume you don't have to; however the applications would then be standalone; and login data would not be shared between.
  5. Nexus and Dynamic Legacy

    I believe if they are set on the same domain, that should appear possible!
  6. Nexus and Dynamic Legacy

    Isn't Nexus already supported by Converge, therefore can't you just add Nexus as a application to the Converge framework and users would be integrated between the CMS module and IP.Board?
  7. IP.Gallery 2.2

    [quote name='dlh' date='Jul 4 2007, 12:42 AM']The "IPB Community Personal Photos" link is broken IPB Community Personal Photos
  8. Resource Improvements for 2.3

    [quote name='benfromaix' date='May 11 2007, 03:58 PM']Thanks, That sound great ! Could you also improve the resource of ipb gallery and ipb blog. During rush hours, more than 3 500 users are connected simultanously and we have serious database problem. My community use principaly this two features (70% of this are using the galeries or blogs). Thanks Benjamin Try submitting a ticket about your issue; :)
  9. Bug Tracker Update

    To add, it was decided that when the IPS installer was complete, there would then be the possibility of the use of UMI; if demand was great enough.
  10. Of being a comment virgin... *nods*

  11. Yay! No more playground bullying of Comment Virgin!