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Feature Suggestion: Poor Man's Cron

Guest VelvetElvis

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I got the idea from a drupal mod. I figured I'd request it and see if anyone else did anything with it before trying to code it myself.

The idea is to wed the SQL toolbox and task manager so that any query or queries can be run on a schedule. This would particularly help people using hosting with control panels that doesn't allow the creation of real cron jobs. The most obvious use would be automatically optizing tables.

From a UI point of view, the easiest to use way of doing it would be to add an "add as task" checkbox to the "run as query" box.

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Yes, but I think he's looking for an expansion of that to be able to add common things. Example, a module that allows you to create simple tasks on the fly w/o having to create a new task file. In his example, one could use this task module to go in, write a query to be run (ie optimize table x), and set a time and date to run it (or recurring).

Other useful examples:

-Deleting old posts on a large forum
-Deleting guest sessions from the session tables
-Rebuilding full index keys

And so on. I suppose that it could be built as a component, but I feel that the advantages will be useful to all whom use IPB, not just a select few. :)

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