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Version Update Check Feature Request

Guest AssassinCS

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Just a small feature request.

I think it would be cool that if your running an Invision component. that on your main admin screen when your first login it should check all there versions and display if they are up to date.

EG Im running Forums, Gallery and Downloads so it would be cool if. I log into Admin it displays:

*Where Version tracker for Board usually is*
Forums Up to date!
Gallery up to Date!
Downloads up to Date!

and if the persons running IP Blog
Blog up to Date!

Just a tiny feature that saves a few seconds going thru each component screen checking versions.

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micheal has added this feature in his universal mod installer and handles it by having a xml file on hosted somewhere on his server which checks back to see if theres a update. IPB could do this very easily too and tie it into its existing call back features.

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