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Sugestion: Custom bbcode security improvement

Guest Vitaly

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I think, current custom bbcodes lack of security. It's impossible to control parameters content. The most simple example: bbcode (published many times at this forum). There are no ways to filter <,",>,& and other signs from video ID. So, bad ID can spoil generated HTML code.

I offer to add a field for regular expression, that should be applied to bbcode parameter. It can strip unwanded symbols or freeze convertion to HTML if condition doesn't match.

The benefits is:
- easy to implement
- enougth to give necessary security for most cases.

May be, that can be included in the nearest release?

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No, it's a good idea. But we plan on overhauling the custom bbcode system (and implementing a lot of great ideas Cy posted several months ago) in 3.x roughly...so this would wait until then most likely.

Anyway, good news. Thanks for reply.
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Thanks great,

I have one more proposal. If you plan to make a really flexible bbcode system, you could add php fucnctions in each bbcode config. That's not difficult to implement. Then no needs to make separate fields for regular expressions.

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