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[Feature request] Package manager

Guest Majdi 2.1

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That is what the components system is :) (well I haven't actually seen SMF but that's what it sounds like)

Invision offer the 'package server' in the same way with blog, gallery, chat (and soon idm) - the purchase options are in the ACP

That said, I *think* they are making something special for modding in 3.0

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Do you have a link? All I could find was a sentance in the feature list.

Though I think something like this is not really feasable with IPB - because unlike SMF, you pay for official support, official support do not support or encourage modding your board. If a 'one-click-install' thing was built in, it would need staff to check everything, which would be somewhat impossible to check every piece of code (if they didn't check it, it would be a security risk) and then people would so over-mod their boards support would have a huge hassal explaining that they can not support them.

It sounds impressive, and I personally would be interested to see how it works, but because there are differences what can be done with commercial and free products.

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