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It's not saying anything of the sort. :)

It's just a list of changed files. I did deliberate about removing those lines as you're not required to upload them but as a lot of people skin their boards, I thought it would be useful information.

If it's proving confusing, then I'll just remove them.

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I'm sorry if this has already been addressed. In the difference reports provided the last couple times, the color codings for "added html" and "removed html" look almost identical to me. Like roughtly 10% of white guys, I'm red-green colorblind. I know you've got at least one colorblind person on staff. I generally end up modifying the css of the provided file, and that's not a big deal to me, but I thought you might like to keep the situation in mind for next time.

If this is being exported by the software itself (I've never done an export differences report through IPB) perhaps it should be modified in the board itself to have more of a contrast. Blue and red, yellow and orange, etc. Current just looks grey to me.

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Did ipb_difference_export.html mix up Added and Removed HTML?

<applet codebase="http://{$server}/current/" code="Client.class" archive="scclient_$lang.zip" width="$w" height="$h"



<td class="



Removed HTML


Added HTML


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