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Price hike

Guest davebax22

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Hello dave,

The license structure has changes completly, they haven't just bumped up their prices.

If you already paid $69.95 for a license, then you will only pay $25 per 6 months - the $149.99 price is an itnitial purchase price.
The 'business' license is $300 and includes telephone support and faster ticket responce times.
The perpetual license is no longer being offered

To sunbeam and boobyjoe: thanks for the spam.

Have a nice day,

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so what happens when my perpetual license runs out in April?

You'll pay $30 for continue of support if you wish like always

cheers prof, so i will just continue to pay $50 per year?

Yep, but you'll be charged $25 every 6 months - though you can choose to only purchase the renewal when you need it
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I agree with davebax22 on this one. Its all about wording: "Optional 6 month renewal for $25" could easily be read as a single 6 month instance, rather than $25 for each 6 months after the initial price, meaning nigh on $175 a year, which would put most non-business users off instantly. To be blunt, they need to change that wording, or they'll lose new customers to their competitors over a simple misunderstanding due to poor wording.

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