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  1. AndyF

    Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Waaaaaaa Gnome Priests!! awesome xD

  3. I always wondered if this was named after the instance :P (if u understand that u understand why I wonder :P )
  4. Should be sexy guys holding laptops :P P>S why do I have a load of writing for my interests showing ? <-------------------- over there?
  5. AndyF

    Hey Zigs :)

  6. hey zigs how is everything going?

  7. .Ryan

    Way to not be a good citizen and vote your your fellow man :P Hows life going?

  8. Thank you!

  9. You have a very beautiful horse. :)

  10. I was so happy when I saw the announcement about IP shoutbox cos I thought it was going to be on IPB 3, felt a bit gutted when I read the anouncement :( would rather it had been an official IPB product.
  11. Will the security issues be fixed and will Dean actually work on it cos if I remember rightly he was difficult to get hold of to fix issues. Unless its a different Dean :P
  12. Guest

    I had assumed that. It's still true though.

  13. zigs

    Lol it isn't my correct AIM, :p

  14. Guest

    I lol'd at your AIM (and agree.)

  15. So this means that the user is banned but still appears in his usual group to other members? :unsure:
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