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double check me?

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Bug report from one of my members...

At the forum index, click on Forum Options. The drop down menu appears. All ok so far... Then, hover your mouse pointer over "Search" and a new window opens. Close it. Hover your pointer over "Forum Options" and a new window pops up. Close it. Move your mouse all over the screen and anytime it crosses over a JScript link it pops up a new window.

I told him that I believed this was working as intended, but I'd check with ya'll...
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In the top tool bar...Live chat, blogs, gallery, bug tracker, calendar, members, search, help

for example...

click on the forum named "IP.Board 2.2 Feedback (Pre-Final Release) "

then you can click on "forum options" and it brings up the lil window.

well, when you highlight on "search" it closes the forum options window and opens the lil search window..

then, all you have to do is hover over the forum options drop down and the window reopens without clicking....and if you go back to "search" the forum options window closes, the search box opens....

and it becomes a vicious circle. :)

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