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RTE: Rich Text Editor (its a What You See Is What You Get after submitting, meaning what you see in your screenshot)
STE: Standard Text Editor

If you want something bolded, it has the word [*bold*] around it with no *'s, etc for the rest of the options.

Looks awsome ;)
To solve your double spacing issue, press Shift+Enter.

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I've been using Opera for years (the tabbed browsing hooked me) and for the first time have had options with the IPB editor.

2.17 (love the "RTE" comment about browser not compatible :( )


This is great that IPB has allowed Opera users to have a choice now... although I'm still not sure which is the standard editor, and which is the RTE (there seems to be only subtle differences).

Now I have two choices... which is which?


Thanks to anyone that can clarify it for me :P

Bottom one is RTE. It has the "View HTML Source" button in the top left.
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The greatest feature on this editor is the possibility to switch from STE to RTE or from RTE to STE without having to go into the control panel. This was the only feature vB had that i liked.
Sometimes You need to use th eRTE. I barely ever use it, but sometimes.

the only thing on it that makes less sense is the side panel which basically just shows the emoticons. It makes less sense to me because there is a smiley drop down memnu on the editor toolbar itself.

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(Suggestion to Seyeko, look into the content of your site, AdSense is serving up SQL ads rather than your real topic)

I believe it was showing those ads because i've only recently set up that test forum so the adsense hasn't indexed it yet to provide relevant ads.

The forum that is up right now shows michael jackson related ads.

I like how on 2.2 if adsense is indexing the site it says "google adsense" in the active userlist. I never seen that in 2.1
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