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  1. i'll do that. i was just hoping there was a way you all knew to force it, like back in the olden days. thx
  2. I tried searching the forum here for "bulk email not started" but was on page 15 without finding anything about it. I created a bulk mail to send to all my members, but for some reason it hasn't even sent 1 yet. I remember back in the day on the older versions of ipb you would have to manually run the job/process. I can't seem to find any such setting now. Does anyone know why the bulk mail could be stuck on "not started"? Am i doing something wrong? is there a manual start button on some other page that i cant see? thanks
  3. thanks, i couldn't find any constants.php file but i did a file code search and found this in init.php define( 'UPGRADE_MD5_CHECK', TRUE ); switched it to false and it let me upgrade. thanks alot bud it did work!
  4. I am trying to restore and upgrade an old forum database of ours from 3.4.5 to 4.4. However, the upgrade file check won't let me move on because it wants me to have the files for the applications on the server, which i do not have. They aren't even included in the community download due to being addons. These apps weren't even enabled on the older database. There has to be an edit i can do in the database for it to not even ask for these files? Does anyone know? thx
  5. It's been a few years since i messed with IPB. Renewed my license, got the latest package, uploaded it, but when i go to install it i get stuck at this error The compatibility checker and everything said all was fine. Does anyone have any ideas? thanks okay nevermind, it randomly started working. thx
  6. I haven't used IPB in years. Just got it again. installed some plugins that are supposed to have settings, but i can't find them anywhere in the Admin CP and i've looked all over. Could someone please show me the way to the plugin settings? I'm sure it's in an obvious place, im just super tired. thanks edit: found my answer here
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