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Common, when is this baby going to be released? Its already Tuesday!?!? Hope its released tomorrow so I can work on it during my 2 days off of school :D

Why is your school taking off Wednesday and Thursday? That is an odd time to have off for no reason that I can see.
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Its IPS guys! They never tell their customers about dates or anything, it just appears!

Yeah to pretty much some that up, correct. I am adding this to my list of quoted, quotes. Hmm, that sounds like a good idea for a website. Now to the topic, I do want them to speed this up, because it would be great. I want to see this in full force as well as some nice mods for it.
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How many of these topics are we going to have? I'm sure a new one will be started tomorrow morning, too!


IPS, I don't care about RC1, just hurry up and release RC2, like tomorrow!!! :rolleyes:


Don't you guys have anything else to do instead of flooding with 1000 topics "when will release RC1" :blink: :devil:

Exactly, it's getting really annoying and I don't blame IPS for closing them all like they are. :P :rolleyes:
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