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Tables Running Off

Guest Gladiator

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Okay well first of all my feedback is: Great Updates.

In this screen shot:

The "Quick Access" box is running off and looks untidy, this is whilst in My Controls changing a signature, I think it's because the main table is more confined with the navigation on the left. Similar happenings with the smiley box too.


The new profiles are wonderful, starting to take shape as almost a blog in their own right. But also in that the table

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You definitely don't change, humorous but never sociable. ;-)

Still kicking around the place then James! And I didn't disappear off the face of the planet either, not quite anyway, got a bit busy with life but I've been around occasionally.

Still know the software like the back of ones hand and still enjoy using it :-)

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Hey Gladiator! You might not remember me, I think you left not so long after I joined. I had the screen name PhantomPhil when you recruited me. It's always nice when old faces reappear. Good to see you again. :)

Ah yes I remember you. Hope you are keeping well :-)

Hey Rikki - has been hasn't it? Although things don't seem to change too much.

Stephen - I know, where does life go?
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