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please enhance the functions Show All and Create New Forum

Guest Gianfire

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I manage a forum that has about 500 subforums, a few of which with many ramifications, and I experience huge use difficulties in these two cases:

1) I am inside section F200 which is structured this way:

forum  F1

forum  F2

forum  F3



forum   F200

	forum F200.1

		forum F 200.1.1

		forum F  200.1.2

		forum F 200.1.3

	forum F200.2

		forum F  200.2.1

		forum F 200.2.2

			forum  F200.2.2.1

			forum F200.2.2.2

			forum  F200.2.2.3

		forum F 200.2.3

	forum F200.3

		forum F  200.3.1

		forum F 200.3.2

		forum F 200.3.3


forum  F201


I have to add a new moderator to section F200.2.2 and all its subforums, so I press the tab show all and I see an endless list of items, and finding those I need is really difficult.

It sould suffice the exact behaviour of the "Show Moderator Options" tab, that is, if I am in a subforum board>root10>F200>F200.2>F200.2.2 and I see the subforums

forum F200.2.2.1
forum F200.2.2.2
forum F200.2.2.3

when I press the showall tab, only those shoud be shown, not all the genealogical tree.

2) the second problem is for the "Create New Forum" tab, and is for the same reason, that is, if I am on forum


when I press the create new forum tab I should see in the forum "Add a forum" inside the "Forum Parent" field instead of "make root (category)" the parent F200.2.2 from which I have started;
now I have to search for it among more than 500 items inside the listbox and it is very unconvenient.

I use the forum every day and I appreciate it so much that I introduced it in all the companies where I work and in many of my clients' companies, and I think This modification could surely bring a big enhancement in the use of the acp.

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The second suggestion I've already implemented...that is, when you hit add new forum it will use the forum you are currently in as the default parent on the add new forum form.

The moderator suggestions - we are discussing ways internally to improve moderator management in the forum control screen.

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I dobut Brandon (bfarber) would send anyone or allow anyone else to "test" the alpaha relase, you had your chance a couple weeks ago when they made the annocument they said they needed testers for 2.2. and IPD.

You'll just have to wait till the next "avildable" downlable releasse to us.

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  • 7 months later...

Nothing was changed for 2.2 - because it will be such a large overhaul most likely, it's waiting for 3.x

Brandon this is absurd !

To set a mod in a big forum and in its many subforums should be simple!

When I'm inside the forum (in acp/Manage Forums) and I use "show all" I need to see only the children (subforums) of this, and not all 1.000.000 subforums of the entire board.

So I can easily check this and set a mod for this forum and its subforums.

So can u work on this for the ?
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No, I'm afraid as I've stated the code changes required are so drastic that we cannot shove it into a point release. The entire code structure for moderators needs to be updated, and it will have to wait until the next big update. :)

We discussed it for 2.2, but it's just too big an update to squeeze into a 0.0.1 update

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