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Add version to javascript file names

Guest Coastie

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I think identifying marks should be made to the javascript file names. Rather than a generic ipb_editor_rte.js, how about ipb_editor_rte_215a.js or pb_editor_rte_215b.js

Why would I suggest this?

Because of javascript caching. How can we expect members who can't even get their email address right, read the directions, or fail to log in... How can they remember or even know to empty their browser cache and any temporary internet files.

I think that is beyond the scope of many users Changing the file names with each revision would alleviate this problem as well as the many reported problems/bugs caused by running old javascript with new code.

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Very, very good idea. I didn't think of this, but that would really fix the problem of users not caching the latest version of the JS files.

But think of all the places in the templates that use the JS files? Each one would require to be changed.

Then again, it could be changed once to some sort of code that is then replaced when parsed to the correct filename in a file, then with each release you would need to change the JS filenames once in that file and the templates would grab the correct name from the file.

Once again, great idea.

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