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RSS importer auto article remover

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Hi all

I'm having a problem with RSS article import from several sites, such as Craigslist (for example). Sometimes the RSS importer is incorrectly deciding certain items are "new" and creating new forum threads for them every single time the articles are updated.

It strikes me that the workaround for this would be exceptionally simple. In the configuration of each RSS import feed, let the admin set a feed as either "append" or "replace" - and if the latter is chosen, then ALL RSS articles for that feed would be automatically removed before new articles are fetched.

Can this be added to future builds please, or can somebody suggest what code I'd need to modify to accomplish this? :)


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Are you saying you would like the option (per-feed) to remove articles before new ones are imported? :unsure: I couldn't see that being a very useful feature myself.

Sorry for the slow reply, I've been on vacation.

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying - and I explained exactly why it would be useful. Some feeds - for example, those from Ebay RSS converters and sites like Craigslist - don't seem to work well with the importer, and create new threads for every item, every time they're run. Allowing the existing posts to be deleted every time new ones are scanned for would solve this problem, for folks who want to import items from elsewhere and have the threads locked on import.

Obviously it wouldn't be of use on sites where the threads get discussion, but many sites don't use the importer in that way, mine included.
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I'm still hoping for this... It can't be that hard to implement, you already have the functionality to delete all RSS articles for a particular import through the ACP, so it really should be just a matter of adding one simple option, checking whether that option is set when the feed imports, and calling the routing to clear the feed if it is set.

Could anybody from Invision comment on whether this could be added, and if not, what workaround they suggest for folks who want to import (and immediately lock) feeds from Ebay, Craigslist, etc. that currently create duplicate thread after duplicate thread?

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