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Upload MySQL Feature!

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phpMyAdmin :thumbsup:


Sucks if you have a huge database. :-"

Maybe even able to upload it in .ZIP/.GZ format and then it could read it from that...

I think it would be nice if there was a method where it could take all of the database, compress it and even use a form of encryption, removing the sql prefix (ie, removing the ibf prefix) so that the forum could be restored to a different prefix if desired.

To take it a step further, if the compressed file is below a certain limit (admin settable?) then it could be emailed to an account specified or perhaps FTP'd to another location? If an FTP option is made, it could be set to rotate files, ie, a backup system. This would be a nice idea in that it could back up the database on a weekly schedule and possibly broken down into steps to be done in the background or in some way to reduce server load.

I'm full of ideas.. Unfortunately, they are all ideas that I don't think will ever be seen.
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Actually from what I've seen from others saying, there is a specific problem/limit in phpMyAdmin. I can try to upload a file that is only 1 meg long (broken the sql into multiple parts to keep the chunks smaller). I always end up getting a memory error of some sort until I break it down small enough.

I use another script to be able to upload files to the server, and I'm able to upload files that are 6mb long with NO problems. So if I could do that, then have that file processed in small chunks, that would go a lot faster, especially if the file were zipped and the script were to unzip it and then process it.

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