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    Hilas reacted to beats23 in Upgrading to 4.6.3 screwed up my forum!   
    Why all this insults towards the OP from know it alls who knows nothing.
    The OP pays for their service and has a right to post their issues on the IPS board without being belittled and insulted for doing so.
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    Hilas reacted to Gabriel Torres in Mass pruning with option to also delete topics/posts   
    When deleting individual users, we are able to select if we also want to delete the contents they created.
    However, when we use the member search feature to mass prune members, we don't have such option.
    For example, I wanted to delete all spammers, however, if I do that using the mass prune option, all the spam is still left in the database, assigned to "Guest: <user_name>", and I want to delete everything, including all posts and topics.
    I think when select to mass prune members, there should be an option for us to select if we want the users' contents to be deleted as well.
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    Hilas reacted to ahc in The "Pronouns" Feature in Invision Community   
    Everyone here has great points to make, and I'm leaning more to the side of it just being a custom thing that the few communities who would need it could take advantage of it rather than it being suite-wide.
    While my community has thousands of members on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, I wouldn't want this or have it enabled either. I've seen first hand what these pronoun labels invite on social media, such as Twitter and TikTok.  It basically puts a target on the person's back for anyone who disagrees with anything that isn't cisgender or heterosexual.  No amount of tools, staff, or community management style can effectively suppress that behavior. There are numerous studies that show how toxic social media in general is and how despite best efforts, this will never change until people themselves change. This will never happen because, well, humans.
    Right now, we have a couple custom fields that invite members to provide information about themselves in a broader sense.  If they're comfortable enough to add that in, great, but I don't want them to feel pressured in any shape or form by having multiple fields for individual traits.
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