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  1. Hey there, my bot used to work fine however now if i change someone's roles in acp it doesn't remove the old role they had on discord. Any fix?
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    Hey there i currently own this plugin however im getting an issue which is that i cant award the same award to someone, any fix for this? https://gyazo.com/3bbe5b72a9f5e008e9862cd23b480b99
  3. Hey all! I am using the plugin iAwards to issue awards but I was wondering if anyone could assist me on this. I'm trying to make it so certain Awards simply translate over to Community Reputation (and then are removed from your profile). If anyone knows a plugin that could make this happen or could assist per other means please let me know : ) I'd also be open to other ways to award reputation that would be easier (outside of ACP), preferably to multiple people at once. The plugin: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7940-iawards/
  4. Hey all, Using the premade block named "Members" to show a list of members has been working alright but is there anyway to, 1) Check multiple fields. Say I want to show all members of a certain group but also make sure they have the right section under a custom field I created called "Teams." For example I want to list between these 3 members, Bob - Group: Admin / Team: A Jeff - Group: Admin / Team: B Peter - Group: Admin / Team: C Right now It will list them all as they are all Admins but is there anyway to also sort it by my custom field (Team)? Using Invision Community Version: v4.5.4.2
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