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  1. Just for this superb video presentation (too sexy! 😏) I want to give points! Thank you
  2. Yes. I don't use the logo in the menu. But in your demo, the breadcrumb trail is in the right place. In my site I have a lag. You can see it at mafiarose.com
  3. Hello. I have a problem with the submenu area that remains present. How was it removed? The page's BUDY is too offset. Thanks!
    Works perfectly. Very nice work!
    Works perfectly. Very nice work from Adriano!
    Works perfectly. Very nice job!
    Works perfectly and gives a more modern look. Very nice job!
  4. Demo website is not ready. Please, correct this. I'm interested by your plugin but I would try it before. Thanks.
  5. Hello Adriano. The book industry is complex. My partner works in a publishing house and it's never easy. I bought your plug-in, but I am very frustrated. 1- The damn isbn code does not necessarily make the right book. 2- the associated books section are not limited to the default language (French in my case). 3- the Amazon link does not seem to work. I have a link to Barnes and Noble. Obviously, they don't sell books in French, so it's useless. I also bought your Movies plug-in. It's really awesome! It would be really cool if Books worked so well! ;-) Thank you for your work. https://mafiarose.com
  6. Hello I find error on the code. My website is on https by default. When I upload a video file (local file), the wide value can't work. I check the error browser console and I see the problem. http://vjs.zencdn.net/6.6.3/video-js.css is not on https. I change it on the file applications/videos/modules/front/videos/view.php Now it's working!
  7. Hello. I just bought your plug-in. Very good. However, vertical display is limited. For a single song it's ok but for an album or a playlist, Apple's iframe has the value height = "450". Where can I change this value in your script?
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