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    I think someone asked this above - but will there ever be automation added back to this? I don't mind manually doing things, Just got this yesterday and I love it - after waiting forever for another dev on their stuff, finally broke down and left that group.
  2. Very broken app with no response from developers - read up.
  3. I feel like there has been some anger and confusion in this support topic. I really liked the idea of having this system in my gaming community - I like many have purchased this app. There are several errors when using this application however: Template errors in postbit. FA icons not populating (only the background color does, yes tried everything i could to make it work) Template errors in signature. Errors when clicking profile of a member throwing back trophies/medals error. Errors when setting up automatiions to replace trophies (i.e. post count trophi
  4. The version I had was a bit behind - and then I halted the uploads due to the hotfix y'all were working on, so maybe thats why? Basically said the key was already in use - we will try again next time! For the Notifications. Yes, I do have the correct Content Type selected - with the correct container selected, I had these working before - but for some reason they no longer push to discord - MY workaround is to do it as a reply because I can set up an auto-reply through the topic and then it will show - but other than that, nothing. Also, unable to get status' to push....just straight
  5. Here's an interesting one - when the new update was approved, I went through the marketplace to install - I got an alert that the key was already used or something like that. So, I actually had to remove the application to install the new one- then go through and change all the notifications and settings configuration. Previously in IP there was the option to download a file and install - is there a way to just update? Keep the settings and be happy? haha Also, since my previous post - everything else is working fine and this app has made life a breeze for my community. Edit
  6. I'm having a weird issue with this. First off - everything is pretty much working awesome and I'm glad this exists. The issue I'm having is, I have one group set up to receive a role when they are 'roled' on the forums. All of the other roles do not have any 'Users in this group will have these roles assigned on the Discord Server. ' options set up. Recently had a member from the server join the forums and the bot strips them of their role they have and puts them down to the basic role we have in the server. Ive been looking around to see why its happening but can't seem to find
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