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  1. Hello, Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear that you experienced issues with Notifications, and glad that you was able to resolve them. Could you please go to Logs again, click Download Debug Information and send me that file in a private message? This would help us to prevent this from happening in the future. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Thank you for reaching out! We are glad that you like our app. Please go to https://discord.com/developers/applications and choose the application you have configured in Brilliant Discord Integration. Then open the OAuth2 tab in its Settings, click the "Copy" button below Client secret (not Client ID). Now open your ACP, and in Brilliant Discord Integration's Configuration page, paste what you have just copied into the "Client secret" field". Click Save, and check again whether you can disable the Discord login method. If this did not help, please open the Brilliant Discord Integration's Logs page, click "Download Debug Information" and send me that file in a private message, so I can provide further help. If you ever have any other questions, require assistance in a different matter or just want to share feedback of any kind, please let us know 🙂
  3. Definitely. While such feature is not currently available, this is something we are currently working on. I cannot provide an estimated release date, but this is going to happen sooner than later, and we are really excited about this.
  4. Apologies for the late response. It is normal for the bot to appear offline. Regarding the role synchronization not working properly - make sure that: You have assigned roles to groups. You can do so by going to the Groups page in your ACP and editing chosen groups appropriately. When you do so, you may need to go to the Configuration page in Brilliant Discord Integration in your ACP and click "Run Mass Synchronization" to make sure that changes to roles have been applied. Make sure to move your configured bot's role to the very top of your role list in your Discord server settings. Make sure that your members have linked their accounts in Account Settings or by using a Magic Invite. If you need further help or have any questions, please reach out in a private message 🙂 Thank you for your detailed feedback! I understand this may be a pain. This is something we are currently working on and upgraded Notifications will be released in one of upcoming updates. If you have other suggestions or any questions about the app, please let me know in a private message. I understand your point. While it is not possible to easily do so at this particular moment, we will certainly do something similar in one of upcoming updates. Thank you for letting us know of this issue! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask in a private message. Go to the app's Configuration page in ACP, click Reconfigure, then copy the Redirect URI from the information. Then go here, choose your configured application, and in the "Redirects" field in the OAuth2 tab, paste the URL. Click Save changes. Now it should work properly. If you have any further questions, please contact us in a private message 🙂
  5. Hello @Mason Hills, Of course! You can create a new group on the Groups page in your ACP, and in its Discord Settings tab assign the Guest role to it. Unless you assign this group to any member on your community, or assign these roles to any other groups, Brilliant Discord Integration will remove these roles from every member on every sync. Let me know if you need further assistance with that - I will be happy to help. Not yet, but thank you for your suggestion!
  6. Hello @Vanucci, I suggest trying to install the app a little bit later. If that does not help, you should contact Invision Community support for further assistance, because this issue is most likely not caused by Brilliant Discord Integration.
  7. Hello, Unfortunately not. IPS has not approved the new version yet. I know it is a pain, yet the only thing we can do now is complaining about their elongated review times. Sorry for this inconvenience. I hope they will approve it soon. Other contributors are also suffering from longer approval times, and we are really concerned about this.
  8. Hello @GarrettGilfillan, Just go to your Discord application settings (click here and choose the app you configured during initial setup), go to the OAuth2 tab, and in the Redirects field paste this: https://www.ngarp.com/oauth/callback/ Then click Save changes. If you need any further help, or you have any other questions, please let me know 🙂
  9. @Jad Merheb @cristian romero garcia - I have submitted update that fixes the issue with old roles not being removed on synchronization. It is currently waiting for approval. Please also take a look at the private messages from me. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. The lack of Zapier integration for self-hosted communities is really painful. Since time is money, and Zapier saves time, it actually saves money as well. The good news is that we have a ready solution for it. I have sent you a PM @JW217 with a quote and details. If anybody else is interested, just contact me in a private message. The problem with Integromat is that it does not support any triggers for Invision Community, which means that it can't watch for new content, new members, and others. This is where Zapier has a significant advantage.
  11. I like this suggestion! Unfortunately, due to how Invision Community works, Brilliant Discord Integration currently relies on passive integration, which does not involve active connection with Discord - the app only "contacts" Discord when it needs to synchronize a member, for example. Therefore, it can't maintain an active online status or status message easily. This is, however, subject to change in future major updates of Brilliant Discord Integration 😉 I know you have managed to resolve this, but just saying that it was probably because you have not selected any server from the server list shown during the setup. Unfortunately, as of now there is no way to do this. This may be a bug. Please go to ACP and on the Brilliant Discord Integration's Logs page, click "Download Debug Information" and send me that file in a private message. Thank you and sorry for this inconvenience!
  12. I had the same issue, but with app compilation. It is certainly a bug. Fortunately, as you have noticed, this seems to be a Safari-only problem. When I tried in Brave, it worked.
  13. Hello, There is no way currently to list all linked members. Thank you for all of these valuable suggestions, though! We will most probably implement them in the future. 1.0.15, which is compatible with 4.6, is now available. It does. You can even create one yourself with the data provided by Brilliant Discord Integration. I will send you a private message with details about it. Please install 1.0.15, go to the Logs tab, click "Download Debug Information" and send me a private message with the file attached. Sorry for this inconvenience. It does. The app supports notifications for Pages content, including Pages reviews and comments as well. If you have any further questions, please let me know!
  14. Thanks for choosing Brilliant Discord Integration! Version 1.0.15 is currently awaiting approval, with official support for 4.6 and some new features, so now we can only wait.
  15. Go to your Discord server settings and check Enable server widget in the Widget tab. After you do that, it will work properly. We are indeed planning to do so, but I cannot tell for sure - follow the app page to get information about the future updates. This is most likely because the user has registered on your website using Discord. To unlink his Discord account, they will need to link another third party service account (like Facebook or Google), or sign out, and then instead of signing in with Discord click "Forgot your password?", provide his Discord email address and set their account password this way. Then they can unlink their Discord account. If they could sign out from the account without setting up any other login methods, they would end up not being able to sign into their account. The latest version is compatible with 4.6, but in order to mark it as compatible with 4.6 on the Marketplace listing, an app update needs to be released, and a version marked as compatible with 4.6 will be released very soon. Sorry for this inconvenience. You can, however, upgrade without worries.
  16. Hello GazzaGarratt, Thank you for this great suggestion! I can see how amazing it would be, I will certainly look into this. Hello GillyMe, You should not worry about this. The task has not been doing anything at all for quite a long time, and it was been deleted in 1.0.14 and. The direct, much more efficient replacement for it is the Run Mass Synchronization button in the Configuration page in ACP, which is much faster and much more reliable. If you are looking for the mass synchronization to run periodically - soon the app will be periodically checking your server's Audit Log every few minutes and running something similar to Mass Synchronization every time you edit group role assignments. But it currently does not work that way, just yet.
  17. Make sure that you have installed If the problem is present on the version as well, please reach out to me in a private message and I will assist you further.
  18. If you are experiencing issues with Magic Invites or Mass Synchronization, upgrade to To make the widget work, just go to your Discord server settings and make sure that "Enable Server Widget" is checked.
  19. These issues have been fixed in which is currently waiting for approval. For now we recommend not to update to 1.0.14. Sorry for inconvenience. Also, you may be interested in our new Brilliant app, which makes the clipboard actually work.
  20. @Unleashed2k @hopp could you create temporary admin accounts on your websites (only with access to Support section in System and entire Brilliant Discord Integration) and send me their details (username, password, email address and your website URL) in a private message? I’ll investigate this as soon as possible. Sorry for this inconvenience.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Copy what you really want. Not your theme color. Nor its font size and style. Because Brilliant Clipboard makes the clipboard on your website work the way you expect it to work. Instead of copying how the content looks like on your device and theme, it copies the content with its actual formatting. So you can forget about pasting your content as "plain text" and reformatting it. Just copy and paste things. It's finally that easy. Everything you copy just looks well. Everywhere. Say you made a draft of your important announcement. Then you copy it and it seems to look well... but only on your theme and on your device. Because whenever you copy a text on your website, it is pasted with your theme's color, font size and other properties. This often makes your content look awful or even unreadable on other themes or devices. But Brilliant Clipboard makes this issue magically disappear. It's just never been simpler. Bring up the past with no shame. Whenever you copy your old post, or your recent private message, you want it to look great for everyone and everywhere. And with Brilliant Clipboard, it does exactly that. Without even requiring you to think about it. So you can spend more time on something that really matters. Works out of the box. We value your time. This is why all you need to do is just installing the app. It's 2021, not 2005. It's a time to make things just work. Get Brilliant Clipboard and never waste your valuable time on fixing broken formatting again. Field-tested and side effect free. Don't worry - it really just works. There are no side effects. Seriously. We've been carefully testing it on live communities, so that now you can just install the app and forget about the issue forever. It's really that easy. Every Brilliant product comes with human support. No matter whether you need some help, or you want to report a bug, or you have a suggestion - people love Brilliant apps for their best-in-class support. We're doing our best to make sure things will work flawlessly all the time, but whenever they don't - we're always there for you 😄 So if you have any further questions... Send us a message and we'll happily answer all of them. Or look at the Additional Information tab for Frequently Asked Questions. BTW: You would be surprised how helpful the app was for us while working on this description.
  22. It's not yet possible, unfortunately.
  23. Hello James, Please make sure your bot's role is on the very top of your Discord role list, because otherwise it cannot assign any roles which are higher in hierarchy. If this doesn't help, check if the bot has Manage Roles and Create Invite permissions.
  24. Sure. Just tell those users to go to Account Settings, open Discord tab and click Login with Discord.
  25. AquilaTempestas, ZHP, Jordan, GillyMe - I have sent you PMs. I’m not exactly sure what do you mean. Could you elaborate? There is probably not much that could be done about this since this is a widget provided directly by Discord, but a custom widget could be made. Thanks for pointing this out.
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