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  1. Sure. Already working on it. Could you send me your website URL in a private message? I’ll try to make something and that works for you.
  2. None, at least none of those on your screenshots. You don't really need to do anything else in the Discord Developer Portal except creating the bot and copying its token and client secret. However, you can change the bot avatar/name if you want. Logging in is always enabled if the app is configured and enabled. To enable registration, go to ACP > Settings > Login & Registration > Discord and change this setting: Then click Save. See the Notifications page in Brilliant Discord Integration settings in ACP. Click "Create New" and fill the form. That's all you need to do. Besides, the app currently supports notification about new content (new topics, posts, calendar events, support requests, etc.) and not any other events on your site (like the fact that a user created a new club). While Discord-to-website synchronization is not possible yet, member will be kicked from your Discord server when you ban them on your website. To not let them join your server again, you could use Magic Invites only. Guests and banned users can't use them. Again, while Discord-to-website option is not possible yet, nickname synchronization from your website to Discord is enabled by default. Also not possible yet. A single Magic Invite is configured by default. To easily let your users join your Discord server, you can put the Discord widget in your website sidebar. Anyway, if you have any other questions or you will need further help, please let me know. This should work: [data-controller="core.global.core.login"]:not([action*="/?service="]) .brilliantdiscord_discordButton { display: none; }
  3. This is not yet possible, unfortunately. If you want to hide the button, you can try to use CSS for this purpose. This is a nice idea; definitely something that may be added on a feature update! This is usually caused by pasting a wrong client secret into the configuration; make sure it is OK. Let me know if it doesn’t solve your issue.
  4. Yes, I am; however this was an issue on the previous version as well. We've been dealing with it on and off for at least a few weeks. I’m sorry to hear that. I have sent you a PM.
  5. Are you using the newest version of Brilliant Discord Integration (1.0.12)? If so, please let me know; I’ll investigate this issue further.
  6. Well... This is definitely something that needs to be changed. I’ll send you a PM with a temporary solution for this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience, though. Since 1.0.12 (which has been released today), Instant Notifications are no longer sent before a member finishes registration after posting with Post Before Register 🙂 If you don’t want to send notifications about content from specific categories, you’ll just need to add every other category to notification conditions. I’ll look into this issue and contact you very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. I suppose that 1.0.12 will resolve your issues. Or, you can try changing types of your notification from Instant to Late. Sorry, but I’m not sure what do you mean. This should no longer happen after you update to 1.0.12. However, if it doesn’t resolve your issue, please let me know. Look at this post: ———————————— I skipped posts about Rate Limits issues. If you still have trouble using Brilliant Discord Integration due to Rate Limits after upgrading to 1.0.12, please let me know in a private message.
  7. @AtariAge we’re waiting for response from Discord support about this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Registration via Discord is disabled by default. Members can link their Discord account in their Account Settings on your site or when using a Magic Invite for the first time. Disabling logging in with Discord is not yet possible.
  9. This sounds like a Discord bug - if you can see them on member list on your Discord server, but they can’t find the server on their server list (they can also try to search it with Ctrl+K, or ⌘+K on Mac), then it’s definitely something that should be reported to Discord. Let me know if the issue persists. We are looking to add club support in 1.1, so we may consider adding such feature. Thanks for your suggestion. This is a good question. Possibility of adding multiple Magic Invites was added just in case, but it looks like it’s more confusing than useful. Is anybody here using multiple Magic Invites? If so, for what purposes? We’ll take a look on this issue. If anybody else is also experiencing that issue - please contact me in a private message. Just make sure that you have moved the bot’s role to the very top of your role list on Discord. If so - it probably affects only the Discord server owner, but we’ll investigate this issue. Magic Invites don’t depend on standard Discord invites. You can remove all Discord invites and use Magic Invites only (which is recommended). Magic Invite code doesn’t need to be a Discord invite code (in fact, it doesn’t make any sense at all). We’ll contact Discord about these repetitive 5xx errors (they shouldn’t occur and it’s probably an issue with Discord, not our app). Sorry for the inconvenience, though.
  10. This is not possible yet, but we are looking to change it in future updates. You need to enable widget in your Discord server settings:
  11. You just need to enable Discord widget in your server settings:
  12. Thanks for these kind words! Unfortunately, it isn't possible. Brilliant Discord Integration only synchronizes data from your website to the Discord server and not the other way around. You will need to create roles on your Discord server yourself (https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/214836687-Role-Management-101). Then, you can assign them to specific groups on your site (in the Discord Settings tab when editing a group). There is no guide, but if you will have any questions/issues, you can always get in touch either here or in a private message. We'll be happy to help 🙂
  13. All your suggestions above have been registered. Thanks 🙂 Yes, it is possible. Just go to ACP > System > Settings > Login & Registration > edit Discord method > check Create an account and click Save.
  14. This has been mentioned here by us, but we’re going to send messages to everyone who hasn’t downloaded the new version yet. I’ve sent you a PM. Just wanted to reveal that rate limits are going to be almost non-existent after the next update, which will significantly reduce number of requests to Discord with a reinvented synchronization process.
  15. Hello, It turned out that Discord changed names of headers with information about rate limits (for example, X-RateLimit-Reset to x-ratelimit-reset), so Brilliant Discord Integration thought there are no limits... and was making thousands of redundant requests to Discord. You should update to 1.0.11 as soon as possible (and if you can't do it, just disable Brilliant Discord Integration for now), because Discord may block all requests from your site. If it takes longer than 24 hours for the issue to be resolved after update, please let us know. Please accept our honest apologies for the whole inconvenience.
  16. We have contacted you in private messages about your issues. We are working hard to resolve these issues. Some of they may be global, some may apply to individual communities. If you're experiencing rate limit errors or you see a lot of 500/502 errors in Brilliant Discord Integration's logs, please contact us in a private message. We will work individually with you to resolve your problems. An upcoming update may be a solution at least for some of your issues, but we're still investigating causes and looking for solutions for the rest of them. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us in private message if you require any assistance.
  17. Then I'm very sorry if your requests were missed. We are currently working on version 1.1 of Brilliant Discord Integration which will bring many improvements and new features. We will definitely consider adding these features. This is not how Discord works. Members need to create Discord account themselves, then they can link their Discord account with account on your website. If you will experience any problem with configuring or using Brilliant Discord Integration, do not hesitate to ask for help in a private message. I'll be glad to help.
  18. Your question was answered in private message, but I'll post the solution also here. At first, I'm very sorry for any misunderstandings. Please clarify what do you mean by "syncing all profile pictures at once": An option to force ALL members to have profile pictures synchronized with Discord An option to synchronize profile photos of all members that opted in for profile photo synchronization on demand in ACP (please note that this is done periodically via profilesync task) If you mean something different, please explain it with more details It seems that I have not received any private message from you about this feature, and your only request for such feature posted in this topic has been answered. Please let me know if I missed something.
  19. By default, the widget is not clickable. Open the Block Manager () and edit the Discord Widget. You'll see a field where you can select invite that the widget will link to.
  20. Almost every time I try to click these arrows, instead of switching to the next/previous image, a new tab opens with the current image. This is really annoying, especially on mobile.
  21. When a member removes authentication on Discord side, the application still has got a limited control over him. The only things it can’t do when he does it are profile photo synchronization, email address synchronization and the Force Join button disappears from ACP. The same applies here. Moreover, for some reason Invision Community doesn’t show unlink button after they do it. They need to reauthenticate first... When their forum account is deleted, they are kicked too. Edit the notification in ACP and switch Notification type to Late Notification. Instant Notification is left as default notification type to not confuse clients that were using the app before this option was added. Let us know if it doesn’t resolve your problem. Try to disable and enable the application again. It looks like something went wrong during installation. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  22. I’m not sure if it’s allowed by Discord’s EULA. Brilliant Discord Integration kicks members when they unlink their Discord accounts. It prevents such problems. Please be informed that due to the Christmas Holiday, our Support Service has a break till 2 January 2020. All your private messages and posts in this topic will be answered after the break. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  23. Not yet, but we will look for possible solutions of this problem soon. Brilliant Discord Integration is more popular than we expected it to be. Initially, we aimed to provide a simple way to synchronize that would fit everybody's basic needs. Brilliant DI is now responsible for synchronizing hundreds of thousands of people. Since there is more and more demand for new Brilliant features and we want to provide even greater experience, we are considering development of the next generation of Brilliant Discord Integration. The first generation is not ready for some cool features. Currently, we are working hard on another Brilliant application which may arrive soon to the Marketplace, so it won't arrive soon (if ever), but we have a basic concept for it. It could deliver even more exciting experience (which is unusual in Marketplace). The basic configuration wizard would no longer force clients to create Discord bots themselves, and members could interact with the community using the Brilliant Bot. And the performance would significantly increase. We have a concept for a technology that would allow you to use Brilliant DI seamlessly - you could even forget Rate Limits and most of the unusual errors which sometimes happen due to bad server configuration. But that's not all. Did you even thought how useful it would be to change member's roles on Discord and have them changed on your Invision Community website? This would save a lot of time. And the thing many of you wait for - multiple server support. We have many clients that have 2 or more Discord servers for a single community - for example, a separate server for staff. This is very convenient - so convenient (or more) could Brilliant Discord Integration be. These are a few basic ideas, but it would be great to hear your feedback about them. Answering your question... 😄 We will consider it. Thank you for your suggestion.
  24. The exception above has been recently reported to me, it can occur when using \IPS\Member\Group::groups() in tasks executed by cron. In \IPS\Member\Group::getStore() i found the following code: if ( !isset( \IPS\Data\Store::i()->groups ) ) { \IPS\Data\Store::i()->groups = iterator_to_array( \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'core_groups.*', 'core_groups', NULL, 'core_sys_lang_words.word_custom' )->join( 'core_sys_lang_words', array( "lang_id=? AND word_app=? AND word_key=CONCAT( 'core_group_', core_groups.g_id )", \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->id, 'core' ) )->setKeyField( 'g_id' ) ); } # ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I could (and I will do it of course) stop using \IPS\Member\Group::groups() in tasks, but using currently logged in member language to sort groups alphabetically and saving it in datastore (it's used also for members than may use a different language) doesn't look like a desired behavior.
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