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  1. Please be informed that due to the Easter Holiday, our Support Service has a break till 23rd of April. All your private messages and posts in this topic will be answered after the break.
  2. Thank you for all your suggestions. We will take them into consideration while working on next updates.
  3. Please check if you have enabled nickname synchronization (if it's not turned on, the synchronization won't work):
  4. Detailed changelog of update 1.0.7: You can now disable automatic nickname synchronization OutOfRangeException is no longer thrown when a Discord server owner tries to link his Discord account Fixed a bug with notifications about replies for Support Requests Mentioning members reporting bugs fixed in that update or suggesting features added in this update: @DChiuch @Kitty Davis @TheSkyLounge.tv @Morrigan @Cory Fuller @Bryan Parker @Tammy Wagner I hadn't saw that you had edited your post before I have written a reply for it - nickname synchronization can be disabled now, but unfortunately to prevent invalid application's behavior, bot needs the "Kick members" permission, because there is no option yet to disable kicking members after they unlink their Discord account with IPS account and after you delete their IPS account.
  5. Also, if that member is owner of the configured Discord server, it's impossible to synchronize him, because no one but him can manage his roles.
  6. We will take a look at this. Thank you for your suggestion and bug report. Sorry for inconvenience. Have you moved the bot's role onto the very top of your role list? Here's how to do it:
  7. I have just fixed a small typo in the app description.
  8. No, that's not what's written in the changelog. Please read it carefully: Issue has been resolved.
  9. Hi, It's not yet possible to change the widget color - it's an official Discord and we can't control how it's generated. In future updates, this widget will be probably a lot more customizable. For advanced users: You can try to create own Discord widget with Pages application and you can use method from our application to obtain data about your Discord server: // Guild data is cached for 5 minutes. $data = \IPS\brilliantdiscord\Util\Guild::guildData(); // $data['name'] is your Discord server name // $data['avatar'] is your Discord server photo URL (as a string, or NULL if your server doesn't have a photo) // $data['letters'] is the acronym for your Discord server name (for example: for "Brilliant Discord Integration Testing" name it's "BDIT") // $data['online'] is the number of ONLINE members on your Discord server. May be cached by Discord API. // $data['overall'] is the number of ALL members on your Discord server. May be cached by Discord API. // $data['timestamp'] is the unix timestamp for time when that data was obtained from Discord API.
  10. There is currently no option to turn nickname synchronization off. However, it may be added soon.
  11. Brilliant Discord Integration supports both - group synchronization and username synchronization. All members are synchronized every hour, and if you change single member's username or group on your site, he will be immediately synchronized with Discord.
  12. Rate limits in configuration are usually temporary. Please send me a private message if it still doesn't work for you. You would probably need to write a custom CSS code for that. Thanks for your report. It'll be fixed in next update. Sorry for inconvenience. That icon will be replaced soon. Unfortunately it's not yet possible. Notifications are being currently improved. We will consider adding notifications from Clubs.
  13. Please install the latest update. It fixes that bug. Sorry for inconvenience. Have you selected the invite in your widget options? Thank you, It'll be fixed in next update.
  14. My bad, 1.0.4b update is now available. Sorry for inconvenience.
  15. Sorry for inconvenience. Actually it turned out that the issue is more complex than we supposed and we are currently working on it, the update will be available soon.
  16. Thank you for your suggestions. Currently we are collecting all ideas from our customers. Chosen suggestions will be implemented in the next updates.
  17. Thank you. It will be fixed in next version (1.0.4). I think that the best solution for the whole problem is an option to inverse conditions. Good idea, I'll take it into consideration.
  18. Thank you for all your suggestions above this post. If possible, they will be taken into consideration while working on future updates. I have replied to your private message. I'm not sure if it's related directly to the Brilliant Discord Integration app, because I can't reproduce that bug.
  19. @giovanny castro which PHP version are you using?
  20. Next update will be released in 2 hours and it'll fix a few bugs, including the role synchronization bug. Sorry for inconvenience.
  21. You can connect one server. Thank you. It's going to be fixed in next update. I'll check this. Thanks. That's not a problem with the app, but probably with your theme. @Gilly good idea, I'll take it into consideration while working on next updates.
  22. You can embed the widget on Pages. You need to enable server widget in Discord server settings: @fix3r please send me a private message with detailed information about your problems. Also, it would be very helpful if you could try to reproduce the error with signing out of Discord and send me a screenshot of detailed log (Brilliant Discord tab > Logs > button on the latest log). I just need a bit more details to help you 🙂
  23. If you are asking about notifications for videos - yes, they work. Notifications feature works with most content added by third party applications.
  24. This is the support topic for Brilliant Discord Integration.
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