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  1. To be honest it's mainly a styling reason why I don't want to upgrade to 4.5.... plus it would be hassle because I have lots of plugins and I don't know exactly what changes have been made as to how compatible things are now. But I don't really like a lot of the new changes that have been made style-wise and prefer the older 4.4 style. I think some of the new features are great (though not too keen about removing the Admin CP session from the URL) and I'd love to have them... it's just things like in topic where it states "X months later" and the way that some post actions etc are hidden to name a few things offhand.
  2. Has this been implemented yet? If so are you able to let me know where abouts in thev PHP this has been done? I've checked the latest version but the login cofde still seems the same... I'm trying to integrate it with my SSO.
  3. Does this work on regular topics as well as pages? And do you still have a 4.4 version to download?
  4. I'm not really sure where this question belongs to be honest, so this may well be the wrong forum. However, I'm interested in adding custom emoticons to my IPS board. Problem is, I don't have the graphical skills to create them myself and I'm not sure where to look for them (the x2 size thing really confuses me). Does anyone know where I can find a list or pack of emotions that are compatible with IPS anywhere? Thanks!
  5. Fantastic! What sort of timeframe are we looking at? Any way I could fix this now ready in advance of when it's released?
  6. So as part of my site integration that I've done, I've added a custom HTML form on my site which will submit login details to the login form on my IPS forum. This works fine, and the user is logged in great. Except when they get logged in, they get redirected back to the forum index, rather than the page they were previously on, on my main site. I've tried adding a base64 encoded 'ref' query string to the URL to provide a redirect URL (i.e. the URL they are on), but this isn't working. It's not so much that it's not working, but just rather by design from what I can gather. I understand why this security measure is in place, to prevent CSRF attacks etc and to prevent redirect to malicious websites. My question really, is, is there some way I can allow IPS to redirect back to my own domain from the login form & the page they were previously on, while keeping this protection in place? It isn't on a seperate subdomain or anything, both the forum and my site are running off the main domain. The only difference is that my forum is in a 'forums' subfolder, and it's redirecting back out of there that I can't currently do. Is this possible? I don't really want to have to modify the core IPS files, so an extension would be better if I have to do any development, but I'd appreciate any advice and guidance on this issue. Thanks guys
  7. You’re correct, I do use it for browsing privately. I like it personally, I never really understood what all the fuss was about. The simple fact is that I feel it resonates with me in a way that I just don’t with other browsers, I just don’t like them, particularly Chrome which I think is awful. I don’t mind Safari on my iPhone, I do kind of like that, but not on a desktop computer.
  8. As someone who uses IE 11 I can confirm that I noticed an immediate and massive degrade in my performance even just using the official IPS site as soon as they switched over to 4.5. I can virtually use nothing on this site now unless I use Firefox.. I can't even post topics, dismiss cookie banners or anything. Now I can handle it for one site if I actually need support on here, and occasionally having to switch over to Firefox, but if IPS have curbed support for IE 11 (that's what I'm assuming this means) then it means there's no way I can upgrade my own forum knowing these issues exist. If it wasn't for the sake that I needed to use this site already, I'd just avoid it altogether.
  9. Hmm thanks. Must have been that which I looked at then, but I genuinely thought it was 4.x. For those who are interested I managed to solve my problem by just using this simple class here, which does all of the work for you: Mobile Detect - lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets
  10. Thanks for this. I'm not sure where I thought I'd seen that method then, but I genuinely could have sworn it was in IPS.
  11. I know there's a way to do this, because I distinctly remember seeing a method named something like IsMobile in one of the files while I was creating my site integration several months back. But I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it and I can't find it anywhere now having checked in the places you'd expect, such as Sessions, Members and Request. Does anyone know where the code for this is so I can look at it?
  12. I've tried to setup Facebook login for my IPS forum and honestly, I don't really know what to say other than imagine my shock, Facebook have made things incredibly complicated yet again for no apparent reason. All of the IPS end is configured correctly. I haven't really got a clue what I'm doing with the Facebook developer app end, what I'm really looking for and how to get this thing approved. I've followed the IPS tutorial guide and ALL I want is to have the login. No status updates, publishing posts or anything else. Literally just the login. I've tested this on my own account, and it appears to be working. But I don't know whether it works on any other account yet because I read somewhere that it will only work on your own account until approved. Does it work without approval if you just use the login??? I've tried searching for the "additional permissions" or whatever they are called, to try and submit an app review, but I don't want any of the additional permissions which are listed, and it won't let me go to app review unless I select additional permissions. I've also noticed that I need to verify my business or individual account before I get certain things. But again this is ambiguous as well and I'm still not really sure whether what it's telling me I need, is what I actually need. Will the simple login integration work without verifying either a business (which is impossible because it's just a simple community website that has no legal basis) or individual account? Any help is appreciated ....
  13. Thanks for you reply. Sadly, I actually tried it without the dot first- this wouldn't even allow me to login at all, even on the forums subdomain. It's only with the dot that I could login on the forum. Or totally blank.
  14. After some more debugging: These are two print_r() occurences of $_COOKIE. The first is from my forums subdomain, and the second is from the main domain. The cookies seem to be setting fine accross both parts of my site. I don't understand why it's not registering I'm logged in. Forums subdomain: Array ( [IPSSessionFront] => b52ab2e2beb6179bee5fc2932a01c720 [guestTime] => 1593960120 [ipsTimezone] => Europe/London [__cfduid] => ** [_ga] => ** [_gid] => ** [hasJS] => true [device_key] => 498c56281eb73e32f70f12b96b98d1e2 [member_id] => 2 [login_key] => 98a7496953476166f62f2636bb7de45c [loggedIn] => 1 [cpsession] => ** ) Main domain: Array ( [__cfduid] => ** [_ga] => GA1.3.211408320.1593959883 [_gid] => ** [_gat_gtag_UA_58106165_1] => * [hasJS] => true [device_key] => 498c56281eb73e32f70f12b96b98d1e2 [member_id] => 2 [login_key] => 98a7496953476166f62f2636bb7de45c [loggedIn] => 1 [IPSSessionFront] => b52ab2e2beb6179bee5fc2932a01c720 [guestTime] => 1593959947 [ipsTimezone] => Europe/London ) It seems to be an issue with $_SESSION. I've used print_r() on the SESSION variable on both the forums subdomain and my main domain using this code (amending the directory path for each location): <?php define('IPS_ROOT', __DIR__.'/include/subdomains/community/'); require IPS_ROOT.'init.php'; \IPS\Session\Front::i(); print_r($_SESSION); echo \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->name; The forums subdomain will display the data fine, but as soon as I go to the main domain it wipes the member name and starts displaying hashed again, as I was getting in this topic: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/457157-integrate-ips-with-my-own-website/ After I've visited the main domain page, I'm logged out of the forums entirely and have to log back out again. This is such a weird glitch ........
  15. Turns out the issue is due to cookie settings that I specified in constants.php to try and get the cookie accross the whole domain. IPS now won't assist me. If a mod is reading this topic, it's possibly a good idea to merge it with my other topic here:
  16. Thanks for your reply. I've just checked via phpinfo() and it is setting correctly. Unfortunately I'm on shared hosting so changing anything to do with Apache/nginx is totally out of my control on this one. Any other fixes you're aware of?
  17. I already have a ticket in with support about this but they don't get back until (I assume) Monday. Basically, I'm completely unable to login to my admin CP, even though my login username and password is correct. I've tried on multiple devices, multiple browsers and multiple accounts with varying levels of admin access. It just keeps redirecting me back to the login page (no errors) with a query string similar to this: ?adsess=86d50dcc930de1a89a8ecb0e2cf0d543&app=core&module=system&controller=login&error=NO_COOKIE&ref=Jg== It's always the same- the error query string is "NO_COOKIE". I have no idea why this is occuring, but it's now happened for me in three different environments. When I used a business class grade server on my old isntallation (a total clean install without plugins), it was happening on there all of a sudden out of the blue. I took it as maybe an error on the old version, as that one was running 4.3. But when I've recently tried 4.4 on my local installation, it was also happening on there. Support wouldn't assist me in that case because apparently IPS don't support test installations anymore. From some debugging I did myself on this local installation, I managed to prevent the error & login correctly if I commented out lines 80-83 in the file system\Session\Admin.php. This is obviously no good on a live server though, because it's less secure and doesn't verify the session correctly. From some other debugging I did at the same time, it seemed as if my Session ID was changing each time I loaded the page or was redirected back to the login page, which I assume was the cause of this error. I have no idea whether this is some specific server setting or what, but it was fixed when the session ID stopped changing by itself. I'm just wondering really whether any other members of the community have witnessed or experienced this problem themselves, and what the cause of it was for them if they had. The only thing I can think of is that it's just a PHP configuration error, but I find that hard to believe that IPS or more users wouldn't have found this when I've found it in three hosting environments, generally out of the box installations of PHP.
  18. Some PHP.INI settings on cookies in case it can help anyone to get any more info
  19. I've got my forum setup on a subdomain of "forums" and I've got my main site integrated with IPS. It all works locally, but when I've gone to do it for real, the cookie from the forum is not setting accross the whole domain. Does anyone have any idea how to achieve this? I've added this to my constants.php file, but it's not recognising it off the forums subdomain: <?php define( 'COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.strongholdnation.co.uk' ); define( 'COOKIE_PREFIX', '' ); define( 'COOKIE_PATH', '/' ); P.S. Both parts are using SSL also.
    Doesn't seem to do anything on the latest version.
  20. Thanks for your reply. Great to hear I can integrate it externally. Regarding the "Protected Forums" feature..... what I want is a forum where: Everyone including Guests can view the forum, but only moderators for that forum, or users who created their topics, can view topics in that forum No last post information about that forum is shown on the index page (i.e. "Protected Forum" is shown instead of the poster and last topic) In IPB 3 This was accomplished using a few different settings, for instance 'Hide Last Post Info' and 'Allow posters to view other member's topics' but in IPB 4 I can only find 'Users can see topics posted by other users?' and no equivalent of hiding the last post info on the forum index. Also in IPB 4 when I do enable this setting, for some reason when I try to set the forum read permissions, the read forum permission for Guests is disabled, and greyed out as well so I can't allow them to view that forum. For some of the other things...... I might not just be able to find these things, but these are some of the things I've noticed: There doesn't seem to be a "members" page in IPB 4 or any way for users to browse the member list which there was in IPB 3 When viewing a topic/forum you can't see who else is viewing that topic/forum anymore I can't find any way to allow access by a custom user group to the Admin CP (and the same for the Mod CP). I know it exists, I just can't find the settings for it anywhere Is there any way to unapprove content to the Mod CP from the main board as well? i.e. you view a topic/post and can unapprove it back to the approval queue be reapproved again. Probably just a case of CSS changes too, but in IPB 3 when you viewed an announcement it appeared like a regular topic, i.e. you'd have the user's details along the left and the announcement like a regular post on the right. Is this possible in IPB 4? I also need some user groups who can moderate everywhere and other groups who only moderate certain forums. I only want Moderators to have permissions in the forums they moderate, i.e. they can't pin even their own thread in a forum where they don't have moderator permissions Is there any way to display on the forum index which Moderators (or Moderator groups) moderate which forums? Is it possible for you to allow/disallow users to post links based on which user group they're in? I'd like people to be able to post things without the security issues of HTML....... is bbcode allowed or possible? Finally, a few more things: On my current forum, I'm using a mod that allows users to choose an avatar from a list of images selected by the board administrator, rather than upload a one. Is something like this possible in IPB? Favicon settings: I usually use Real Favicon Generator, is this something that can be used or any way to use favicons? Site CDN: At the moment, I use a subdomain on my site for all static content on my forum (i.e, avatars, JS files) ., which I cache with CloudFlare. Will this kind of functionality be possible or will I have to drop CloudFlare and/or my CDN completely? I appreciate this is a very long list of questions, so thank you very much for your time! ** Edit ** Is there any documentation .etc. I can look at to help me get member variables, group information, etc into my own code? I've looked but I can't really find much
  21. For some reason I don't seem to be able to post in virtually any forum anymore, so I'm going to post here instead even though it's not 100% relevant.... I already have one copy of Invision Community. I'd like to get a second copy, or potentially even transfer my first over to a different website and use it there instead. However, before I do so I need to know some things. Currently, my own site is using an MVC setup very similar structurally to that of IPB 3, and my current forum is deeply integrated in with my website, including authentication. I need to know if it's possible to integrate IPS 4 with my own website, so that I can run the code, for example using user authentication from IPB on my own website. What I guess I'm asking is, is it possible for my to initialise IPB to run on my own website so I can use functions, classes etc on my own website & integrate the two together? If so, what would I need to do for this to be possible? My forum currently is using a heavily modified version of FluxBB, which is a fork of PunBB. I see you support PunBB on your converter, but not FluxBB. Is it possible I could write some code using the converter to convert my data myself to IPB? Also, a lot of the features of IPB 3 seem to have gone.. such as the "protected forums". I took a look at the new version but it seems that the closest thing I can find is "Users can see topics posted by other users?" and "Users without read permission can open forum? ". For some bizarre reason it blocks me from allowing guests to view the forum then and then I can't change this. Got a couple more things but hopefully someone can help with these first :)
  22. Thanks for your reply. Yes, all configured with my API key..... there’s nothing at all logged in the ACP and in Mailchimp it appears to say the request was successful even though nothing is happening. It’s not even updating the “last changed” field on my list of a row exists. its extremely confusing.
  23. No nothing, it’s just not syncing the list of doing anything. No errors at all. I tried registering a new account and that didn’t do anything either. *edit* obviously normal functionality still works. It’s just the plugin that doesn’t.
  24. Not working for me on the latest version of IPB. Any suggestions on what I can do?
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