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  1. Credentials added as a note in the Stored Access Information section of my account. This particular instance is registered under Donna@kardonhq.com.
  2. Thanks for the steps to follow. I'll do that now.
  3. I sent you the info for your admin account in a PM.
  4. It's a private community so I don't know that a link will help without setting someone up as a user. I'm happy to create an account for you so you can see it. I'm the one getting the email and I'm in the same time zone as the person creating the event... and the event itself.
  5. I'm having an issue where I create an event and the digest that gets emailed out has a different time on it than the event was created with. This is the event that was created: This is the digest email: Why would the time in the email notification/digest be different? How can this be fixed?
  6. With the latest Invision update to, I'm seeing this message: Are there plans to address this? Should I proceed with this update?
  7. @FZ did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue.
  8. Thank you Marc. Are the renewals a manual or automatic process? If I have a monthly renewing product, will the customer need to manually renew each month or will the renewal be automatic until the customer cancels?
  9. I actually have it setup that way now. Does it only apply if the renewal is manually done by the member? If it automatically renews, does the discount apply and maybe it just doesn't show during the original shopping cart process?
  10. Sure. Let's say I have a $100/mo product (subscription) but I want to offer a recurring 20% discount via a coupon. It seems that when I apply the coupon during purchase, it applies the 20% discount to the initial $100 payment, but not to the future payments so that the discount covers the life of the subscription. Here's an example. I created a 100% off coupon. It applies the coupon to the initial purchase but not to the renewal. How can I have a discount that applies for the length of the subscription (until the member cancels the paid membership)?
  11. That's what I was thinking, but I don't see the WYSIWYG editor as an option.
  12. Where would I set these permissions? When I look at the Visibility settings of a WYSIWYG block I see "Show on all devices?" but no permissions based on groups.
  13. Ah... nice workaround. That may work. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. I have two groups of members. I'd like for each group to start at a Page that is specific to them. Group 1 would see Page 1 as their "home page". Group 2 would see page 2 as their "home page". Neither group will see the other group's "home page". Currently, everyone logs in and they get the front page of the Forum. Because the two groups have access to different things, I'd like a "home page" that gives them a good starting point with relevant information for their specific group.
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