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  1. Is there a way in ACP to filter or group support requests by products?
  2. yep! deleting via ACP works without any errors...
  3. Hi Jackal, when deleting a file in 1.1.1 I'll always get an error - the file will be deleted anyway: Another small issue: Both submenus are always "active":
  4. thx - perfect support as usual! ?
  5. IPS support tool reports a database problem: Neither the tool "Fix automatically" nor a manual run of the queries via phpMyAdmin can change this. Any ideas?
  6. Great, thank you! Is this still on your map? ?
  7. In "Content custom CSS": background: none;
  8. nth also: independent color-adjustment per slider.
  9. Great! ? No need fpor 3rd party apps. What I need is placing different sliders on different pages from IPS.Pages-app.
  10. That's sad. This is a really great app but unfortunately I can't use it like that. Will it be possible in future versions? So this ist an enhancement request... ?
  11. Did I miss something or is there no way to put different sliders on different apps or pages?
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