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  1. Blisslandia

    4.3: Videos

    YES! LOVE THIS OPTION and so does our community!! Will there be a way to sell access to videos or a video library?
  2. Blisslandia

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    This looks awesome! Thank you! Do we have any idea when 4.3 might be released? Is it a few weeks or a few months away? Trying to plan out our community roll outs...
  3. Blisslandia

    4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

  4. Blisslandia

    Infraskew Theme

    Taman is hands down the most attentive, helpful developer out there! This theme is awesome and super customizable. A long list of features you can change on the fly. He is very helpful in his support of the theme and always willing to do an update to make it even better. He listens and replies back quickly. I would recommend this theme to anyone who wants a supportive developer on their side and who wants their site to look professional.
  5. Hi there - I purchased your plugin the other day. It's causing issues with topic posts. FORM POSTS DISAPPEAR. After toggling the plugin to DISABLED, the form inside of posts comes back. ANY THOUGHTS?



  6. Hey DawPi! Are you online?


    1. DawPi


      Yes, I'm. :)

    2. Blisslandia


      Great! Sent you an updated message - would like to move forward - what's next?


    3. DawPi


      Let’s continue our conversation in the PM system please. I’ll reply you soon. 

  7. Hi there! Will you be having a black friday sale for the mailchimp plugin?