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    @kRSB can you add an option to remove formatting in group mention? In this case blue color is barely visible, I prefer it to look like user mention:
  2. @Jon Matcho add this code to your custom css: body[data-pagemodule="discover"][data-pagecontroller="streams"] .ipsSpacer_bottom[data-role='streamOverview']{ display: none; } Before: After: or if you want to delete a little more, you can try: body[data-pagemodule="discover"][data-pagecontroller="streams"] .ipsSpacer_bottom{ display: none; } but I'm not sure if it won't brake something After: It's possible it will not work for some themes.
  3. root88

    Forms Support

    @Mike John 4. Sure, it's exactly what I mean. 6. Yes, when topic is created.
  4. root88

    Forms Support

    Hi! I've just bought it, and have few problems - most of them I'll fix by myself, but just to let you know: You're using few words that already exist in IPS System, for example "quote" - it will break translation of this word on forum, until I translate it for your app too. I'm not sure it's your bug, or IPS. Before installing your app: after: There are few more words working this way. Maybe you can add an option to change this blue color, or to integrate rules with the form? Confirmation PM's like in your other app do not show notifications. And I think there should be an option to edit look of this PM. Could you add an option to change this: to this: ? Forms with many fields will look much better. I think it could be full text editor: Could you add an option to create simple poll when creating topic? This is most important for me. It will be really great if you can help me with 6. Thanks!
  5. Hi again! I'm using latest IPB version. I've checked few more things and: plugin is sending message everytime user changes his e-mail address using Steam login, account is created before user sets his e-mail - so he gets 2 PM's: one before setting e-mail, and one after I'm not sure Google and FB works the same way, but probably.
    It's extremaly bugged as written in support topic. There's absolutely no support. There are no *psd files. It's not worth $23 if you want to use it on real, usable site. ...but still it's nice looking, dark theme.
  6. You probably already know it, but it's sending doubled messages if user registers from Steam / fb(?) / google(?) - (I've seen info about doubled topics, not PMs).
  7. @Mike John could you please send me the beta with notifications fixed? Thanks!
  8. Thank you. I've found few more little problems: In Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox polish special letters doesn't work. Probably some encoding problem? It works in Chrome, and with standard IPB style it works with all browsers. * if I disable Google fonts and use 'Default' instead of 'Roboto' it is working fine in every browser. I've fixed it by myself. Register / log in text color is barely visible: I've fixed it by myself. Every first letter of words in category name is upper case (but I'm not sure if it is style or IPB bug): I think searchbox on mobile is not working properly: Font in Activity -> unread content looks bad: Active/inactive tabs are bugged everywhere, for example: I've fixed it by myself. Posting code - cursor is black, barely visible: BOLD(<strong>) is not working when Google fonts are disabled I've fixed it by myself. Reacting to status reply is bugged: I've fixed it by myself... ACP is unusable with this theme. Editing blocks is not saved. Thanks for your time.
    Everything is working fine (widget too). Great plugin! Thank you!
  9. Thanks. I've got few more questions: How to remove space between header and menu, and this "Back to top" left bar? It actually can be done by ACP. How to make this kind of buttons (<a> I guess, New topic) work like the other buttons (<button>, Sign up)? How to make it work on mobile like default theme - no horizontal scroll bar, centered content? How to make those icons work like on your forum? After I've installed style, there was no icons at all. Than I did this, and icons are present, but I don't like them. Is there an option to enable quick registration? 2 factor auth - windows backgrounds are white I've fixed it by myself... Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi! How to change color of highlighted post? It's white now :/
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