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  1. That is my point, how about this Content Message move to Topic Summary? No. Topic summary is a waste of resources and we donโ€™t use it, same with a lot of other communities. Wouldnโ€™t make sense to combine completely different features.
  2. Alright, thank you for the response! I'd like to request the add-ons feature for a possible future update as it's a very important tool used by other marketplaces that can potentially generate extra revenue for the seller.
  3. @Noah F Make sure you don't have any pending renewals that you need to pay. It won't let you install updates otherwise. I just updated the app to 3.3.1 and our 4 applications have disappeared from the front-end but are still present within the ACP. Never mind, I see there's a new toggle setting on the applications to choose to show them on the index page!
  4. It's fine. I don't want you to go through all of the extra trouble of having this made just for me (so far). I'm fine with remaking them, I just wanted to avoid the announcement about 2-3 year old rewards being reset. We'll just keep iAwards until we set up and finish adding all the new awards with your app and then pull a little switcharoo. ๐Ÿ˜‹
  5. I was just about to come here and say this. Why would people use extremely outdated software that is no longer supported even by its creator and then complain about other systems not supporting it? I understand the workplace perspective, but I'm assuming if the site you're trying to view can't be viewed properly on IE, then it's probably not something you're expected to be looking at while working. ๐Ÿ˜‹ Once Edge rebuilt itself on chromium, I never heard another thing about IE. To be frank, I didn't even know IE still existed or was available for download... ๐Ÿคจ
  6. @InvisionHQ Two questions. Is there a way for someone to create an advert and leave it up indefinitely/forever, generating multiple sales on the same advert without ever expiring or being marked sold? Is there a way for people to include optional add-ons customers can select when buying an advert if the seller wants to offer premium services for an additional charge? Thank you!
  7. Hey Fosters, I know you're currently busy trying to resolve the above issues, but I had a quick inquiry. We are currently using iAwards, but due to the developer of Automation Rules leaving the community, iAwards now has zero automation making it useless for our site now as you can only grant awards manually. Our community is way too big for that. I see yours has built-in automation for most of the awards we give, so we're thinking of switching over. Is there any way that awards earned from iAwards can be somehow transferred over with your system so that original dates and award lists aren't effected? If not, that's okay it's really not the end of the world, but it would make things much easier switching over.
  8. Since when is all nudity classed as porn? ๐Ÿ˜† Even with a safe search filter, there will be nudity.
  9. If you have Commerce, you can set up the subscriptions manager with two options, one for patients and one for providers, and make them choose one when they're registering. Set these to free and after registration and account approval, they'll be moved into the group you have set for the subscription. It's a very hacky way to do what you wish, and you also have to buy a whole other application for this one feature, but I've seen similar suggestions for group management at registration for 3+ years and it's more than likely not going to exist anytime soon, if ever. An alternative that you can do after registration is set up a profile completion step that they need to complete after registration. You can create a custom profile field that asks them to choose a role, patient or provider (or whatever roles you need), and attach this to a profile completion step. It's explained more in the wizard. Then set up a group promotion to move them into the appropriate primary or secondary user group based on the role they chose. You'd have to set up a group promotion for each role you have.
  10. This can be deleted. We can't wait around for white label service on an app that doesn't even work for a website that doesn't focus on forums, so we've gone ahead and commissioned someone to create us a custom mobile app.
  11. Same here. Can't see cursor/insertion point in dark theme so it makes it hard to tell where you're at in the editor or a field when you're typing/changing a block of text.
  12. I understand your perspective, but I disagree with part of it. I don't look at downvoting as an "attack", and that comparison is sorta the mentality that can make it become toxic. Like numerous other users in the past have said when this topic gets brought up, there's no point in advertising having a reputation system if your reputation can only be positive in my opinion. It's like video games that pretend to give you freedom of choice, but in the end you're always locked into playing the role of the do-gooder hero. Our website utilizes both positive and negative reactions, and in doing so it has helped trim out toxic and malicious users, or forces them to change their ways, without the community feeling like big brother(staff) is always watching or trying to get involved when technically no rule violation has occurred. A reputation system like Reddit's would be the dream. ๐Ÿ˜‹
  13. I have a few different issues that I need resolved and was wondering if I should put all of them in one ticket or is it better if I create a new ticket for each separate issue?
  14. Your theme designer is one of the most popular ones here. He's already stated on his website that when a stable version of 4.5 is released, he will begin rebuilding his themes. Not upgrading, rebuilding. This is going to take much longer, and I'm almost certain he's being harassed with emails asking the same things you are and can't respond to most of them personally. I know for myself, I ignore all correspondence when people ask me things I've already stated publicly. This is what Brian has stated already about his themes for 4.5
  15. A lot of our content/members lost followers too, but they were guest accounts that stayed behind after the member account that was actually following was deleted, something the system should have automatically removed, but never did. 4.5 finally fixed this issue which has existed since 4.2. This could be an explanation for you, however, if it only effected one member, then it's probably just a coincidence that the followers were considered inactive and removed automatically by the system, as jair101 pointed out.
  16. Reddit works on a karma system and allows users to upvote and downvote all content, which gives or subtracts karma and allows users to have good or bad reputations. Users with bad reputations are then given posting restrictions and are susceptible to having their content automatically removed. Reddit is a perfect example of what he's asking for, actually.
  17. They had a dedicated blog post about it, I think I even commented on it, but it seems it has been removed without notice. ๐Ÿ™‚
  18. Hey newbie, I just updated this today after getting the notification via ACP. v1.0.2 Unfortunately, with this app enabled, users are unable to make topics. Members receive the following error after submission: The topic shows in the topic list, but clicking on it throws the same error as above to anyone who tries to view it, including staff. This is the error I get in the logs: Topic creation works fine without issues when the Topic Cover app is disabled.
  19. Yeah the subscription system is broken on our site after upgrading to 4.5. It shows that all people with expired and cancelled subscriptions as "active" and will not let them buy or renew the same one or any of the others. Lots of member complaints. I'm to the point that I want to switch back to using a commerce product with renewals because this has never worked properly for us. The only way to "fix" this is to delete every recorded instance of them ever owning a subscription in all customer tabs (active, expired, cancelled) and then starting over again which we do **not** want to do because it deletes important purchase history.
  20. You misinterpreted. These are definitely not legitimate marketplaces and just rip all of the content here and offer it for free.
  21. This argument makes no sense to me, because in my short time on IPB, I've been burned and scammed by purchasing numerous plugins and apps from devs that have disappeared or would submit something to get as many sales with the promise of future updates and support, only to remove their item once people start requesting the services promised. Literally spent nearly $100 for a single app for it to be removed less than a week later and denied a refund by the dev. So, basically nothing is changing except that I can choose to pay a now extra $190 each year to deal with this and keep my 3rd party apps updated, or I can just.. not. You can pretend that they're making the marketplace better for everyone, but in the end they're just punishing the ones who weren't doing anything wrong in the first place. They think they can somehow keep people from finding ways to get the content on this site without having a license when they can't. There are currently 3 websites at the top of google that always have the latest marketplace items and update their content almost as quickly as it gets uploaded here.
  22. It's okay. I've already noticed developers are spending more effort on their own development websites where the files can be obtained without the restrictions. Some are happy to transfer your purchase so you only have to pay for renewals on their site. Just need to ask nicely. In the end, I'm not going to be the one hurting and those developers won't be losing 10% profit.
  23. I had an inactive license for over a year because there was nothing significant enough to warrant the extra $190 we would have spent. I was able to purchase and download files from the marketplace the entire time right up until 4.5 Beta 1 came out. All of a sudden I was locked out of things I had just paid for or renewed. I sent in a ticket and was told that this was always the intended behavior and that if I had access to purchase, renew, and download files before with an inactive license, it was in error. So.. which one is the truth?
  24. I was finally able to download the communities app after several attempts and I'm not at all happy with it really, so far. I know it's new and more functionality/features will be added, but 95% of our website cannot be accessed via the app. This feedback was unexpectedly cut short. While testing and taking notes, I went to the ACP to add a new link into the app navigation. Now I am no longer able to access my community even though it's not under review. Clicking on it from the "My Communities" tab via the app just loads up a blank white space and nothing can be done unless I force exit the app. Gallery: We're art based, so we use the gallery app heavily and most of our content displays these images in some capacity among various pages via widgets and blocks. Our images don't display anywhere, not even the new images grid that displays by default on the gallery view page. When you click to view categories, you can see the category thumbnails fine, but as soon as you click a category to view its images, nothing shows up. It's just a lot of empty space or stacks of empty sections where images are supposed to be. Screenshot Gallery Part 2: Everything is squished together and it seems the app picks and chooses which html/css it wants to render. The custom html/css we have installed for category links is displaying, but the html/css we have implemented that makes sure images are displayed to the correct usergroups respectively doesn't seem to be triggering at all and it displays everything to anyone regardless of their group. Screenshot of info being squished together. Links: No links are clickable unless they're within a topic/post in the forums or one of the main links at the top of the app. Any pages that have custom links added, clicking on them does nothing as if it were a dead link. This makes navigating a lot of our website difficult/non-existent as we use the main navigation to get people to the correct area, and rely on custom sidebar navigations to let them choose where they want to go within the area that they've chosen. None of these links work to bring them to the appropriate gallery categories. Screenshot Notification Errors: To test the push notifications, I had someone tag me to see how notifications would show up. After a few tries, I never received the notifications via mobile, but I did receive them on the website. Going to system logs, I noticed an error popped up relating to mobile notifications citing "Invalid Credentials". (I'm sending this in via ticket.) I've barely scratched the surface and I'm sure there's a lot more for me to add, but I can't proceed until I regain access to the community again. The app is really only going to work right now for people who mostly just use IPB's default forum system and a few pages with little customization that require little to no interaction.
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